Fr. Jonil’s Wake10:03 PM Tuesday February 09, 2016 |

February 6, 2016 Saturday It was raining when we reached SLEX going to Canlubang to attend Fr. Jonil’s wake. There were stretches of mild and heavy traffic due to vehicular accidents along the way. Thanks God none seemed serious, just a bump here and there. I will not blame the weather, it’s all about safety… read more

Year of the Red Monkey01:07 AM Monday February 08, 2016 |

2016 is the year of the Red Monkey (Fire Monkey). “According to Chinese Five Elements Horoscopes, Monkey contains Metal and Water. Metal is connected to gold. Water is connected to wisdom and danger. Therefore, we will deal with more financial events in the year of the Monkey. Monkey is a smart, naughty, wily and vigilant… read more

Banoi’s10:45 PM Sunday February 07, 2016 |

After the mass Parking availability is now one of the primary considerations when choosing for a place to go or dine. The mall is not actually a good place if you want easy parking most especially on weekends. For tonight’s dinner, we went to Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons. Since the place is generally new,… read more

Kanto Girls have two eggs02:58 PM Sunday February 07, 2016 |

I feel happy with the thought that in a couple of months, we won’t be buying any more eggs from the grocery. We’ll have fresh organic eggs. Kanto girl and boy I just blinked for a second and there it was,  an egg from one of the kanto girls.  It still has blood, which according… read more

Another fabulous dinner by Maymay01:12 PM Sunday February 07, 2016 |

I attended another fabulous dinner graciously hosted by Maymay Liechtenstein at her party house. I only see unusual dried fruits and foods at Maymay’s events. She travels around the world and brings home gourmet goodies. Brie Leg of jamon serrano for 11 guests. I didn’t want to start eating the jamon at first. After half… read more

Oyen’s Wine & Cheese Night08:48 AM Saturday February 06, 2016 |

My daughter hosted her second wine and cheese / dinner last night for several of her high school friends. It was more convenient to just eat here inside rather than setting up a table outside. Our family dining table only sits 1o maximum. Two chairs are broken, that leaves 8. I improvised by adding a… read more

Money Corner10:54 PM Friday February 05, 2016 |

I went to an office this morning and the manager asked me to pick an envelope from their money corner/ good luck table. I was given a money pouch, there’s no money naman. I also got one tiny hopia monggo and two round candies for goodluck. There was a tray of fried slices of tikoy… read more

Goodbye Father Jonil Lalap10:26 PM Friday February 05, 2016 |

I got a call this morning from Father Bok, the priest who comes to our showroom in Makati every first friday morning to celebrate mass. He said our friend Father Jonil Lalap has passed away and last lamay is tonight at Don Bosco in Canlubang. The last time I contacted Fr. Jonil was on January… read more

Beautiful Taal Panorama09:58 PM Friday February 05, 2016 |

Even if I’ve seen the Taal panorama a thousand times already, I still get awed by its beauty each time. Yesterday was no different. When I looked up, I felt like the heaven was speaking to me. I thanked God for making me a part of this wonderful world. I felt like God was embracing… read more

Five Manok Tagalog and two eggs11:58 PM Thursday February 04, 2016 |

Our farm animals are growing by the day. Today, we added five manok Tagalog plus Chickie laid two eggs. We reached the inner alleys of Silang Public Market looking for the only vendor selling manok Tagalog. Last week kasi we went to Mahogany Market in Tagaytay, walang buhay na manok. They pointed to Silang as… read more

Crying over my bones12:58 AM Thursday February 04, 2016 |

I’ve been going to Cardinal Santos practically everyday for the past two weeks. I hate wearing hospital robe. Wala pa itong armirol. I imagine how many persons have worn this and how many have died already. My God I am so negative and morbid. Wala pa itong armirol. Even before the scan started, I was… read more

OMB Tweets # 3710:13 PM Wednesday February 03, 2016 |

1. I can’t wait to visit the farm to see Chickie and her soon-to-be chick-chick. Ang cute siguro. E——“So ang kulang na lang natin native chicken.” A——“And horse”. A——“Pag meron na akong pond, ducks, mga apat”. E——“Eh di kinain nila lahat ng isda”. 2. My father had a kamalig before with a thousand or more… read more

Farm update07:30 PM Wednesday February 03, 2016 |

Sometime in September 2014, I made a list of “things I want to have” in my mini-farm to be. I posted the list on September 31, 2014. I thought I lost that list. I found it tucked among my many folders. I checked which ones I’ve accomplished so far. Out of the 35, I checked… read more

Macrame Dress06:46 PM Wednesday February 03, 2016 |

Hi Nice, My dress’ label is Macrame. I bought it at a small fashion boutique in Kowloon but it’s made in India.

Tsismosa Me12:02 AM Tuesday February 02, 2016 |

I was never tsismosa, till I started Oh my buhay. For lack of anything better to say or write about, I tsismis other people’s lives na lang. Kasi boring naman kung puro buhay ko na lang. I don’t tsismis in person. I only blog about it. Most of the time, it’s not really to announce… read more

OMB Tweets # 3611:58 PM Monday February 01, 2016 |

OMB Tweets 1. E——“Sino’ng bumili nitong egg pie?” A——“Me, nostalgic. Ang tamis lang”. 2. I went inside the maids’ room and found our white towel hanging under a bed. It looked like someone had been using it. Of course, none of them admitted using it. 3. Ever since our security made pakialam the expedition and… read more

Summer Palace Lunch11:49 PM Monday February 01, 2016 |

Edmund was not with us yesterday. It was the second and last day of Yulo Cup in Canlubang. He was invited by our kumparent Benjie, one of the dealers of Mitsubishi. There were no more tables when we arrived at Summer Palace. We were #3 in line. Mabilis naman daw according to the receptionist. My… read more