Monthsarry03:53 PM Thursday July 24, 2014 |

I am going to make tsismis about my daughter’s love life. He he he. She might get mad. They celebrated their one month last Tuesday officially as boyfriend-girlfriend. Ganyan na ngayon, merong pang opi-official. Happy Monthsarry roses. Who is he? Some info: He is 3 1/2 years older than my daughter. He is the youngest… read more

Stolen Lenovo Cellphone02:39 PM Thursday July 24, 2014 |

One of our sales consultants lost his Lenovo cellphone worth around P15,000. It was in his bag left under the reception counter inside Makati Ford’s showroom. Knight went to deliver a Ford car to his client. they were caught in heavy rain so he wasn’t able to come back to the office to get his… read more

kASAMBAHO continuation01:43 PM Thursday July 24, 2014 |

(kASAMA SA TRABAHO —- Kasambaho) 8. Kasambaho—— Mam, fifiliin ko yung youly arrive. 9. Omb———— “For how long?” Kasambaho—— “How long for mam?” 10. Omb———— “Ilang beses ko kayong nahuli dyan kayo nagto-toilet. Ang laki ng paskel, para sa customers lang. Hindi nyo ba nababasa?” Driver #1—— “Hindi mam, minsan lang, pag nagmamadali ka”. People… read more

Mabahong Kasambaho’s F words12:26 PM Thursday July 24, 2014 |

During rainy season, clothes don’t dry fast so the tendency of people is to wear semi-dry or malamala or damp. Some wear jackets that got wet from the rain a few days ago and are still damp. Wearing clothes like this will make one smell BAD. That smell is aggravated by sweat. Amoy luom. It’s… read more

Personal Guide to Shopping12:16 AM Thursday July 24, 2014 |

It’s been a month since we arrived from Europe yet my credit card bills haven’t stopped coming. I hope the ones due on August 5 would be the last. I don’t even feel that I shopped kasi ganun din every morning, finding a dress to wear is still a problem. I still use the same… read more

Malaysia Airlines Again09:56 PM Wednesday July 23, 2014 |

We haven’t found answers to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and yet here comes another tragedy. A planeload of people flying up in the air at 33,000 ft. from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was hit by a heat-guided missile by Russian rebels killing almost 300 passengers and crews. At least the bodies were… read more

CO/OP Manila Gift shop and Cafe05:24 PM Wednesday July 23, 2014 |

We had a 3 + 1 (Me, Nyke, Yen + her friend Derrick) last Friday. Traffic was so bad that instead of a 15 minute ride from our house for the 7 pm dinner, it took us more than an hour to reach this 3 week old restaurant in A. Mabini Street, San Juan. Sobrang… read more

Day trip to Quezon & lunch in Malachi12:23 AM Wednesday July 23, 2014 |

Our road trip continued for another two hours before we reached the town of Real (ri-yal), Quezon. We were disappointed when we saw the shoreline because it’s not an open sea. Polillo Island could be seen on the other side. Our expectations were high as far as the ocean view is concerned. We were waiting… read more

Husband is back from Indonesia12:16 AM Wednesday July 23, 2014 |

Husband and two of his friends arrived today after golfing for 4 straight days in Bali, Indonesia. They’re host was Ayong, the Indonesian business partner of Edmund’s friend. They played with 7 businessmen from Jakarta. Before he left, I told him to buy me a quaint wooden wall decor. Hindi sya nakabili kasi daw they… read more

Philippine ARENA11:47 PM Tuesday July 22, 2014 |

My parent’s driver/ confidante and his family when I was still small were Iglesia ni Kristo. They were all well mannered and there was never an instance when my parents complained about them. Even when my parents moved to San Francisco, Kuya Dong still remembered me. Hindi sya nakalimot. Once in a while he would… read more

Paseo Rizal Cafe and Art Gallery04:25 PM Monday July 21, 2014 |

July 13 Sunday We reached the Sierra Madre restaurant/ resort in Tanay at past 10 am. We got lazy to get off the van to make a stop. This was the place recommended by Edmund’s friend, Pong. About a kilometer or two away, I saw this smaller structure on the right side of the road…. read more

Romantic Status02:54 PM Monday July 21, 2014 |

I could feel the big difference in today’s generation when it comes to approach to romantic relationships. Before, we only had 3 stages: 1. Courtship (Ligawan) – sending flowers, love letters, nilagang mani wrapped in brown supot, aakyat ng ligaw, ihahatid sa school, susunduin, tawag sa black phone. 2. Sinagot na – in-love na, mag… read more

Put cellphone ringer on silent02:23 PM Monday July 21, 2014 |

Our internet connection at home is so slow. In the office naman, we were off line for one whole week before Glenda, thanks to PLDT’s very slow response to our request for service. We’ve called dozen of times, every day and have asked for the help of people who work there pero ganun, they came… read more

Nutrition Week04:43 AM Monday July 21, 2014 |

I went to Medical City last Friday for another round of ultrasound. Kala ko kasi they have a 4D machine. I thought I’ve seen it in one of their ads. Hindi pala, they still have the 2D machine. I was there at 12 noon but the only spot they were able to give me was… read more

UBE and Sexy Back by Antonia01:57 AM Monday July 21, 2014 |

I bought ube in Tagaytay two weeks ago and haven’t cooked them. I asked Antonia if she knew how to cook ube. Yes daw. Even then, I still gave her some simple instructions to make sure we understood each other. 1. Talupan yung ube. 2. Gadgarin (Grate into POWDER form. 3. Pakuluan or ilaga (Cook… read more