Edmund gets a free car08:10 AM Monday August 29, 2016 |

The birthday celebrant gets a surprise gift. He’s been wanting to have a Ford Explorer. O eto na! It comes with a special large key so he doesn’t misplace it. Hahaha, kayo gusto nyo rin? Sa Megamall yan galing, P18,000 ang printing. This SUV has side park assist, de buhat. Those who wish to have… read more

Surprise 60th Birthday Dinner04:14 PM Sunday August 28, 2016 |

We had so much food. We couldn’t finish the two sorbetes carts. There were a lot of excess food because there were many who didn’t join. I was wearing this pink dress the whole day. I didn’t change anymore kasi baka saabihin nya sa Greenhills lang kami kakain bakit kailangan pa na bihis na bihis,… read more

Surprise Birthday Party10:12 AM Saturday August 27, 2016 |

August 19, 2016 With all the problems and health challenges he’s been dealing with in the past several months, my husband is the last person who would want to throw a birthday party. He just wanted to have a quiet family time, visit the church, eat, go home and sleep. I in fact asked him… read more

Happy Birthday Tart Aug 201612:01 AM Friday August 26, 2016 |

Dearest Tart, I hate to announce that you’re 60 because the world would know that sooner than later I would be following suit. Never mind, as long as we are able to greet you on this day, that’s fine. I can always tell a lie that you are actually 10 years older than me. I… read more

9/11 Memorial Museum02:48 PM Thursday August 25, 2016 |

We spent about an hour inside the 911 Memorial Museum. The museum displays artifacts associated with the 9/11 terrorist attack while presenting stories of loss and recovery. Our admissions tickets were secured beforehand by our tour guide. The museum is basically underground. Remnants from WTC, steel post and beam Solid wall that protected the WTC… read more

Freedom Tower09:23 AM Thursday August 25, 2016 |

(Tour courtesy of Federal Phoenix Insurance, delayed post April 25, 2016) Our wake up call was at 6:30 am, breakfast 7:30 am, 8:30 am assembly at the hotel lobby. Our first day tour was a visit to the Freedom Tower at ground zero. We were in a hurry for the 9 am tickets to the… read more

second day in New York09:21 PM Wednesday August 24, 2016 |

#FPGinsurancetravelholiday My daughter and I shared a very tiny room that faced 8th Avenue. I only had a few hours sleep. Our room has a view of some old buildings. I have never seen this many people waiting to check in. I couldn’t believe that this hotel has more than a thousand rooms and yet… read more

Five days in New York Day 108:11 PM Tuesday August 23, 2016 |

Let me begin this super delayed post by thanking Ramon Dimacali, president of FPG Insurance and his team for rewarding us again with an all expenses paid travel holiday, this time in New York. Thank you to Federal Phoenix Insurance Group (FPG). Arranged by Bridges Travel headed by its owner Sabina Pe, the short vacation… read more

Travel Light08:34 AM Monday August 22, 2016 |

Some people go through life with a breeze. Some say they never had big problems. Their travel to the end of the rainbow is light. Oh well, good for them. They are the exceptions. To the majority of the human race including me, we struggle. Some struggle light. Some are constantly burdened with heavy loads…. read more

Kentucky, De Lima, Security Guard09:57 PM Saturday August 20, 2016 |

1. I haven’t been watching local news lately. No teleserye either. I watch CNN but I usually stay on the HGTV cable channel. I saw a feature about a young couple looking to buy a farm. The agent showed them a sprawling 6 acre land with a cute cottage house in Kentucky for $61,500. It… read more

In total disbelief10:59 AM Saturday August 20, 2016 |

From March 20 up to about three weeks ago, I was in shock and depressed that’s why I couldn’t blog. I had no energy and not in the right frame of mind to do anything. I felt like my world has collapsed before me. After 4 and a half months, I now have a better… read more

Charito by Bag of Beans12:22 AM Friday August 19, 2016 |

Bag of Beans is enjoying a streak of success. Their branches are growing and the addition of Charito cements their place in Tagaytay as one of the most successful restaurants in this tourist city. Edmund and I tried Charito for a change. We’ve been going to the same restaurants week after week. Good to try… read more

Merienda at Chelsea Kitchen12:01 AM Friday August 19, 2016 |

We left the office a bit earlier and met up at the entrance of SM Fashion Mall. I was starving and couldn’t wait for dinner time so I told my daughter I would eat at Chelsea Kitchen which was conveniently situated right at the entrance and beside Zara where I was supposed to go look… read more

Nude Photos on Facebook11:23 PM Thursday August 18, 2016 |

I spoke to my friend who’s an NBI official this afternoon.  He was whispering on the phone.    Nasa Davao pala sila kasi ipinatawag daw ni Presidente Duterte. I called because a friend of my son was panicking.  Someone forwarded to him nude photos on Facebook.  Not his.  When he saw the face of the… read more

Stolen SSS contributions10:14 PM Wednesday August 17, 2016 |

My neighbor Annette was frantically calling the other night. I saw her message but since I was busy, I was not able to return her call. Close to midnight last night, she again messaged me asking for urgent help. It was a distressed call. She was asking for my help. They own a school in… read more

In love with Ford Ranger11:05 PM Monday August 15, 2016 |

I was walking by when I noticed the white Ford Ranger displayed at the Makati Ford showroom. Napalingon talaga ako I swear. Bihira lang yan mangyari. I see cars displayed everyday so I no longer pay attention but the other day, napa stop, look and look ako. Wow, I like that. Siguro kung hindi ma-traffic… read more

OMB Tweets # 5910:51 PM Monday August 15, 2016 |

1. Come UAAP basketball season, Mr. and Mrs. Yee will sit behind the UST players. Two tickets are reserved for us (hoping pa lang). 2. Napansin nyo ba sobrang mahal naman ng mga ice cream ngayon. P150 a scoop? Yan na yung tuition fee ko nung high school. The cups were tiny. The dark chocolate… read more