Become School Teachers in America09:30 AM Wednesday January 18, 2017 |

The United States has a very good opportunity for Filipinos to come to America legally and fast. You can also bring your whole family within months. Or pwede rin yata kasabay pag-alis. Become school teachers like Lyn and Jenine. These two ladies are with a group of 16 educators (if I am not mistaken) who… read more

Stone hit the windshield08:55 AM Wednesday January 18, 2017 |

I was driving on the freeway last Monday afternoon, cruising at a speed of 70 miles per hour when a stone came flying towards me and hit my windshield. It created a 1.5″ in diameter crack that rippled like a flower. It’s big that’s why I don’t call it a chip. After I parked, I… read more

Disparaging the Supreme Court12:06 AM Monday January 16, 2017 |

My first few weeks here, I tried to watch Bandila or Saksi once a week just to keep abreast of what’s happening in our country. But I noticed the news were all the same, puro naholdup, puro mura, puro galit sa America, o kaya naman mga nagnakaw, naaksidente, ginahasa, napatay, nabaril, itinapon sa kalye patay…. read more

Snowy Canada08:35 AM Sunday January 15, 2017 |

Edmund’s brother, Edward, and his family have settled in Canada. They found new opportunities and are happy they moved. They are all praises for their new found home. Although they still keep their house in Iloilo, Canada is now where they see themselves enjoying the rest of their lives. I don’t think I would like… read more

Many restaurants closed in 201608:26 AM Friday January 13, 2017 |

The Korean restaurant three miles away from the bed and breakfast we stayed at closed for a little over a month because the old Korean male owner / cook accidentally broke his arm. Some of the loyal customers who walked in while we were having dinner heaved a sigh of relief. I heard them saying… read more

We’re sawa na of Chipotle12:50 AM Friday January 13, 2017 |

Oyen was in an observation meeting with another Ford dealer principal. While waiting for her, Edmund and I hied off to the nearest Chipotle for breakfast. First Chipotle customer walks in at 10:45 am The early bird orders. We keep saying we’re sawa or suya na sa Chipotle but we still go back. Chipotle is… read more

OMB Tweets # 6612:13 AM Friday January 13, 2017 |

1. The break fluid warning sign keeps showing up. I couldn’t bring the vehicle to the dealer because it’s some 2 1/2 hours away. I was worried this could be a safety issue so I drove to the nearest Autozone and bought a bottle of break fluid. I asked the sales guy to help me… read more

Tesla Model X Gull Wings12:02 AM Friday January 13, 2017 |

We parked at a 50 cents an hour parking garage building with very low ceiling headroom. I was just waiting for my roof to hit the cement beams but those people who built that of course knew how tall SUVs are. I’ve seen Ford Expeditions, Jeep Cherokee, Lexus, parked right there and they were alright…. read more

Cheese Ravioli with mushrooms and chicken11:54 PM Thursday January 12, 2017 |

My daughter likes pasta. Days before she arrived I already prepared the cheese ravioli. I also cooked the shredded chicken breasts, my mistake was that I used teriyaki sauce to coat the chicken meat which made it sweet. Freshly made pasta tastes a lot better than ready made or frozen ones. The pasta is softer,… read more

Jury Summons11:26 PM Thursday January 12, 2017 |

I received a jury summons in the mail to serve as Jury on January 18. If I am not mistaken, this would be the 3rd time in the past 6 years. I consider this a privilege. I was shredding letters when I opened one envelope. Good I didn’t shred it before I opened the envelope…. read more

Mermaid Blankets09:02 AM Thursday January 12, 2017 |

My sister’s Christmas gifts to her three daughters and to Oyen are mermaid blankets she ordered online. They are shaped like mermaid tails. I believe they are made in China, where else? Here are the mermaids: The girls love them.

Change of fashion style08:34 AM Thursday January 12, 2017 |

I am thinking of making some simple changes in my fashion style. I’ve worn the same brand of undies for the past 15 years. I am only forced to shop for potential replacement when Costco stopped carrying them. Since I am no online shopper, I still keep going back to Costco hoping to find my… read more

Honeymoon Ice Cream11:43 PM Wednesday January 11, 2017 |

Flavors of ice cream nowadays are beyond the normal or traditional names like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate. The new generation entrepreneurs are far more creative, imaginative and artistic. Their imagination surpasses the norm. Who could have thought of naming a flavor honeymoon. It’s genius. It doesn’t sound cheesy. It’s not sexually suggestive. This must be labeled… read more

Artificial Intelligence10:24 PM Wednesday January 11, 2017 |

Movies shown 50, 30, 20 years ago are becoming reality. Robots were imaginary creations of producers, directors, but they are now here. I came across an article the pther day that in just two years, artificial intelligence will become a big part of human lives. Self-driving cars, self-cleaning house, intelligent home that could take commands… read more

OMB Tweets # 6510:04 PM Wednesday January 11, 2017 |

1. A tired and drunk sexy Santa passed out while at Chipotle. 2. It’s really cold especially the past few weeks because of the stormy weather. The cold makes late afternoons and evenings feel gloomy. 3. Shops should avoid long lines at payment counters. Customers are able to analyze, calculate, compute and ponder on the… read more

I feel home11:07 PM Tuesday January 10, 2017 |

I am counting the days till I fly home. But where I am now is also home because I am with family. Home is not the big house that I live in, but the place where I feel loved and cared for, regardless of the city or country, as long as I am in the… read more

The Dead Fish10:04 PM Tuesday January 10, 2017 |

It beats me why a restaurant would be named The Dead Fish. For ignoramus people like me, when you mention dead fish, bilasang isda agad ang maiiisip ko. Dead fish could mean that the fish they serve here are not that fresh. They call them Recently Demised Fish of the Day. Their Chef explained where… read more