APEC Wheels Up Party11:54 PM Saturday November 28, 2015 |

Ernie Bower and his team BowerGroupAsia (BGA) started in Singapore in 2009 an APEC tradition hosting a so-called Wheels up Party to bring together folks from APEC governments, companies and leading CEOs and personalities from the host economy to relax, celebrate their hard work, and share stories from the official APEC meetings and the CEO… read more

What is your stand on China?10:49 PM Saturday November 28, 2015 |

Filipinos should be aware that every day, China continues with their reclamation project over our islands. Their construction of military facilities remain unabated. Subi Reef They made it clear that they will not honor any international law stopping them from what they are doing. They will not stop. We should know what the presidential candidates… read more

Tamarind Restaurant09:40 PM Saturday November 28, 2015 |

November 21, 2015 Saturday We didn’t wait for the bloggys event to finish. A few minutes after I received my plaque, we did a French leave. Oyen and Derrick went to attend a birthday party while my son, Mela and I went to Tamarind Restaurant on the top floor. I wanted to eat somewhere else… read more

Bloggys 2015 Gala Night10:11 AM Saturday November 28, 2015 |

My daughter and her boyfriend wanted to wear jeans to the bloggys 2015 awards night but I forced them to wear something more formal because it says GALA NIGHT. Although there was no specific dress code because according to the organizers they didn’t want to impose, but for me, when you say gala night then… read more

Congrats DFNN09:34 AM Saturday November 28, 2015 |

My friend Raymond Garcia, the young and boyish-looking president and CEO of DFNN, and member of Philippines, Inc., happily sent me his photos receiving DFNN’s award. It was chosen by Enterprise Asia as Entrepreneur’s 2015 Most Promising Company. DFNN is a leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator. Backed by its domain expertise in financial… read more

Dinner for Ernie Bower01:01 AM Saturday November 28, 2015 |

Delayed post: Philippine Trade Foundation Inc (Philippines Inc) and US Philippine Strategic Initiative Chairman Tony Cojuangco together with Philippines, Inc. officers, hosted a private dinner for Ernie Bower, on October 20, 2015 at Rustique Kitchen by Bruce Lim at 820 Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo, Makati City. Ernest Z. Bower is the founder, chairman, CEO of… read more

OMB’s Election Survey #101:00 AM Friday November 27, 2015 |

Former Davao City mayor, Rodrigo Duterte, now a presidential candidate, lost a lot of potential voters when he couldn’t decide whether he’s running or walking. My driver is a good example. When I asked him two months ago, his answer was so firm and with conviction Duterte – Marcos. Today, he and his whole clan… read more

Crispy Duck12:06 AM Friday November 27, 2015 |

One of the good memories Aileen had on her first visit to Vienna in May was the Crisy Duck with steamed rice at the Asia Restaurant. So on her second visit, going back to Asia is a very very MUST. She now has a comparison. She liked the crispy duck in Prague better. Just a… read more

Vienna At Night11:34 PM Thursday November 26, 2015 |

Delayed post November 12 / 13, 2015 I’ve been to Vienna 3x but it was only during my recent trip that It dawned on me that this is more of a shopping place, of course not to mention the famous Viennese Opera. This place, around Stephansplatz is a shopping district. If one is a shopper,… read more

Hotel Europa Wien Room 51011:30 PM Wednesday November 25, 2015 |

Delayed post Last May, we stayed at a much bigger hotel, more high end and a lot more expensive. It was modern and had a sweeping view of the town. I didn’t enjoy staying in that Sofitel Hotel. It was quite a walk to the shops and I had bad memories  in that hotel. For… read more

Road Trip to Vienna10:00 AM Wednesday November 25, 2015 |

November 12, 2015 Although we got so scared from the driving style of Roman, the Mercedes Benz driver who drove for us from Intercontinental Hotel in Budapest to Charles Bridge Palace Hotel in Prague on November 8, I hired again the services of their company, taxi prague. This time, I requested for a bigger van… read more

Goodbye Prague12:40 AM Wednesday November 25, 2015 |

This is a delayed post. November 12, 2015 I hired a bigger Mercedes Benz limo from Taxi Prague for a three hour road trip to Vienna on November 12, 2015. I arranged for an 11:30 pick up time. We had our usual buffet breakfast and said goodbye to the steamed bacon. Bye bacon Then I… read more

Last day in Prague11:59 PM Tuesday November 24, 2015 |

This is a delayed post. We were in Prague from November 8 to 12,  four nights.   I thought I would not be comfortable in my hotel room but I survived the first night and became at ease on the following nights.  In fact,  I got to like my bed.    I didn’t enjoy the view from… read more

Golf and Back Pain08:11 PM Tuesday November 24, 2015 |

My husband keeps on complaining about his back pain that keeps him awake at night, he said. He almost quit playing at the golf tournament last monday because the pain was so unbearable and wouldn’t go away even with pain reliever.   He called up a doctor from Camp Aguinaldo and got a third opinion.  Edmund… read more

I am a nude artist12:14 PM Tuesday November 24, 2015 |

I had a difficult but exciting challenge last Sunday. I pushed myself to paint women’s nude bodies while they’re there in front of me. That was really difficult. First, I am not used to staring at other people’s breasts and preks. The dedes of the slimmer model were staring at me. That’s really awkward.  Staring… read more

Nude Painting and Me08:00 AM Tuesday November 24, 2015 |

I am not the nude model. I am the artist. I didn’t anticipate that Nemiranda would ask me if I wanted to paint also “O ikaw rin?” Without any hesitation I said “sige”. Ang lakas ng loob ko, hindi naman ako marunong mag-paint. Sige lang ng sige, Gooo, if others can do it why can’t… read more

Angono Fiesta 201511:13 PM Monday November 23, 2015 |

Nemiranda invited me and Edmund to have lunch at his Atelier because it’s Angono’s fiesta. Edmund is competing in a golf tournament (till wednesday) so I brought my daughter along. I had no sleep the night before because of very bad jet lag. I was originally planning to leave at 10:30 but we left at… read more