P17,00011:16 PM Saturday November 22, 2014 |

The next Baptism or Blessing of Angels is tentatively scheduled on December 18 at the children’s ward section of the Philippine General Hospital. I intend to also give food to those in the two adult wards. The National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City is undergoing major renovations and the big hall where we usually held… read more

Daming Stress09:57 AM Saturday November 22, 2014 |

Daming stress, daming worry, my stomach churns whole day. I lighted two candles as a form of prayer. Am asking for guidance, strength and protection. Kulang yata, dapat pala I lighted three. It’s more peaceful and conducive to meditation when there’s no mass.

Makati Ford Year-end Sale09:45 AM Saturday November 22, 2014 |

I noticed the big cubes or blocks scattered on the floor. These are announcements of Ford’s year-end promo. Christmas gift suggestion, Ford Focus Some customers might trip on them or sit on them. Oyen had them moved to the roof of the cars but they looked too big for the size of the vehicles. When… read more

Rustique Kitchen02:41 AM Saturday November 22, 2014 |

A few months ago, I overheard Tonyboy that he opened a new restaurant in Pasay Road which replaced his La Regalade. When Oyen asked me the other day if I wanted food, I suggested that we try the new venture of Tonyboy Cojuangco with Chef Bruce Lim. I knew where to find it because I’ve… read more

Measure the distance12:54 AM Saturday November 22, 2014 |

A———“Tumigil ka muna, sukatin natin yung layo hanggang dyan sa kanto”. (Stop, let’s measure the distance up to the main road.) Driver set the odometer to zero. After about 3- 5 minutes, we reached the main road… A——– “O ilan?” D——– Three A——– Three? D——– Three meters. A——– Ha? 3 meters, Ang layo ng tinakbo… read more

New kasambahay11:14 PM Friday November 21, 2014 |

1. When I asked the employment agency to describe to me on the phone the new kasambahay, she told me: A————Saan sya galing? Dati nyo na bang applicant yan? Agency——-Maganda naman sya mam. A————Pareho ni Antonia? Agency——-Ay hindi mam, mas maganda si Antonia. A———– Maganda talaga si Antonia, cute ang face. Agency—— Maganda rin sya… read more

PAL Travel Fair09:53 AM Thursday November 20, 2014 |

Edmund and I were able to claim two round trip business class tickets from our accumulated mileage. Aside from airline miles accruals, we transferred credit card points to PAL. Although they still charged taxes and fees of about $500 per person, It’s still huge savings. Since we only got two free tickets, I still have… read more

Kasambaho Issues08:47 AM Thursday November 20, 2014 |

In our business, it’s not surprising to catch kasambaho stealing spare parts or supplies. Our people are generally dedicated and trustworthy but once in a while, although rarely, there would be some issues regarding temptation to make some extra bucks. This only happens if there’s a new guy who’s bad influence. But most of the… read more

How to be F__ckable11:23 PM Tuesday November 18, 2014 |

This post contains language suitable for married senior citizens only. I used to think that men’s chauvinistic tendencies are clear proof of their being the lesser sex. Most of them need women’s adulation to feel good about themselves. They need to be surrounded by women to feel complete. Some hallucinate that they are machos and… read more

Bangkok Sticky Rice and Mango08:22 PM Tuesday November 18, 2014 |

Yen arrived from Bangkok last Sunday with Thailand’s most famous dessert, sticky rice and mango with coconut milk. Ive been eating them for breakfast and dinner since. There are two more trays left. Ah, they’re so delicious. Good our weighing scale is broken, I wouldn’t know how much I’ve put on. But I could tell… read more

First Batch Free Umbrellas03:23 PM Tuesday November 18, 2014 |

Free umbrellas go to the ff. (first batch) 1. Marife — to be given to the Best Employee 2. Jeanette Luna Lirio 3. Adrian Yu 4. Gina Bunda 5. Olive 6. Flordeliza 7. Albert 8. Bernadette 9. Ricky 10. Cecile Pastrana 11. Ruby Rose 12. Helen Mogan 13. Ped Salvador 14. Dina 15. Eileen Guevara… read more

PBA10:51 PM Monday November 17, 2014 |

We were having a late lunch when Edmund’s friend, Boy Sablan, phoned offering two free tickets to their basketball game against Alaska scheduled at 4 pm.  Rodil Boy Sablan was UST’s assistant coach during the time of Pido Jarencio. He was Edmund’s team mate long time ago. He’s now the assistant coach of Blackwater Sports… read more

Free 100 Umbrellas03:27 PM Monday November 17, 2014 |

If you want a free umbrella, just tell me HOW and WHEN you found my Oh My Buhay website. Please include your name and address. As easy as that. The first 100 beginning today will get a free umbrella each. Wait for my email confirmation if you made it to the first 100. The catch?… read more

Denny’s11:55 PM Sunday November 16, 2014 |

On our last morning in the US, we went out to have American style breakfast. We chose between Denny’s and Ihop. We’ve tried Ihop twice before. It was good but I wanted to try Denny’s out. Edmund was hesitant because he said the place looked close already or baka no one eats there, that would… read more

CHOPS & Lush08:35 PM Sunday November 16, 2014 |

It’s been a long time since my son and I bonded together. I was away for more than a month, and he’s always scarce attending to his own things. I was happy the two of us bonded last night. He made time for me. We attended the 6 pm mass then went to CHOPS in… read more

Pope Francis06:30 PM Sunday November 16, 2014 |

I went out with my son last night. Oyen’s out of town, Edmund was attending a Ford event, so it was just me and my son. We went to mass at 6 pm. Pope Francis’ standee looks real. The Catholic Church is busy preparing for the arrival of the Holy Pope Francis. There was a… read more

Missing Table Cloths12:42 PM Sunday November 16, 2014 |

I must have accumulated more than five dozens of table cloths / table covers through the years. French laces, some are brand new from Marseille, France, some are vintage I found in antique stores and flea markets in Europe and America, Vietnam-made cotton with embroideries, quality pieces from Turkey, USA, China, Britain, Russia, Hongkong, Philippines,… read more