Madame Coco Home Accessories07:52 PM Tuesday March 03, 2015 |

Some OMB readers have requested if I could include the sources of the things that I use or have especially home accessories. I didn’t know that it’s important that I mention the names of the stores where I bought my stuff or the brand names. It provides additional information and gives Oh My Buhay readers… read more

100 Days of Lipitor09:09 AM Tuesday March 03, 2015 |

This is one of those days when I didn’t want to do something but I had no choice but to do it. It’s been four months yet I still feel some pain on my upper abdomen where one of those key hole incisions to remove my gall bladder is located. I wanted to find out… read more

Jennilyn Mercado10:00 PM Monday March 02, 2015 |

I forgot to tell you that aside from blogging and working part time in a car dealership, I have some sidelines. I also accept posing for magazines, posters, and calendars as a body double. Those who are conservative and shy hire me to pose on their behalf. Game naman ako and I have no qualms… read more

Farm House Design09:29 PM Monday March 02, 2015 |

I am looking for some nice design resource material for a cottage / country / farm house. Most of the designs nowadays are modern or Asian modern. I actually know what I want. I have my own design and decorating style that evolved through my years of traveling abroad. However, I must stick to what… read more

Chelsea Grand Cafe09:09 PM Monday March 02, 2015 |

We were looking for comfort food, but at the same time, a quiet restaurant. I chose this restaurant based on outside appearance. A——–“Dito na lang anak, I haven’t been here”. It’s my first time in Chelsea Grand Cafe at Bonifacio High Street. Squid Ink Garlic Pasta Quinoa salad for diet conscious daughter We didn’t order… read more

Robusta Coffee08:58 PM Monday March 02, 2015 |

We harvested approximately three kilos of Robusta coffee beans, Before roasting After four hours of roasting Ideally, coffee beans should be slow roasted for 48 hours. This were roasted in only 4 hours, kaya amoy sunog. Nilakasan sigurado ang apoy. Antonia didn’t follow my instructions. She insisted on doing it her way. Sa negros daw… read more

Yummy Cookies08:47 PM Monday March 02, 2015 |

I came home feeling hungry. I saw some delicious looking cookies in a plastic pack. Oyen——-“I dare you to eat this”. Gutom nga ako di ba? Without hesitation I bit one. It’s shaped like a dog bone. Yummy. This would taste better with vanilla ice cream. #dogfood #pettreats #petkitchen

Anonymous Readers12:32 PM Monday March 02, 2015 |

Hello Anonymous Readers of Oh My Buhay, Thank you for your comments but they can’t be included in the raffle for the dinner because your names are necessary. Please REMEMBER to type your name otherwise it would appear as anonymous. Thank you.

High Street Central Mall11:53 PM Sunday March 01, 2015 |

There’s another shopping mall in Metro Manila, High Street Central. I feel like there are more malls than shoppers. Notice how empty stores are whether weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Shoppers are dispersed, we just have too many malls. High Street Central is medium sized, like Podium. Oyen and I spent an hour exploring the whole… read more

Karen Millen and Rolex09:27 PM Sunday March 01, 2015 |

What a pleasant afternoon to stroll around Bonifacio High Street.  With temperature in the mid-20s,  it was a glorious day to entertain oneself. Yen poses under the big clock. Sunday 3:30 pm. A walk in the park… Stretch those legs, walk even short distances. This is what you call exercising. Not the legs, only the… read more

Madmark’s Ice Cream08:45 PM Sunday March 01, 2015 |

Madmark’s Creamery and Good Eats recently opened in Bonifacio High Street Central. Aside from ice cream, they also serve steaks, and other comfort food. I didn’t know that they existed, until my daughter stopped to buy ice cream. They have a small space on the second floor of this new medium-sized mall called Central or… read more

New Ford EDSA building04:46 PM Sunday March 01, 2015 |

With God’s blessing, the new Ford EDSA building would be finished soon. The pole sign and fascia are ready. Showroom floor tiles are being installed. View from the back Facade Getting there, konti na lang.

OMB Tweets #312:03 PM Sunday March 01, 2015 |

OMB Tweets #3 1. I caught this little boy clinging to a white SUV, selling sampaguita. I got so nervous he could fall or he could be ran over. Drivers might not see him. Oh he looks sad. They didn’t buy sampaguita from him. 2. Drones are becoming popular. In a few years they would… read more

Carlos Celdran Intramuros Tour10:56 AM Sunday March 01, 2015 |

Oyen joined Carlos Celdran’s two-hour walking tour around Intramuros. She invited me to join them but I wasn’t physically prepared. I only found out they were joining on that day although she had mentioned to me in the past that she was planning to join this Intramuros tour. There were around fifty of them on… read more

Do you want Ecosport or Expedition?12:05 AM Sunday March 01, 2015 |

No venue yet for my simple birthday dinner in May with twenty OMB readers. My daughter volunteered to help me find a quiet place. I don’t want crowded and noisy. She also asked if I will give away souvenir. Ano kaya? Do you want Ecosport or Expedition? We have a lot of those in the… read more

Plastic Bins11:43 PM Saturday February 28, 2015 |

I didn’t realize buying plastic boxes / bins could be so stressful. The sales agents were trying to help me choose but too much attention on me could be annoying, irritating. They represented different plastic box brands and of course each was pushing for their own products. I felt so harassed. Sales agent #1———“Mam, kahit… read more

OMB Tweets #209:09 AM Saturday February 28, 2015 |

OMB tweets #2 1. I heard a woman say “Siguro naman alam mo na’ng gagawin mo”. I looked at where that came from and saw a mestiza woman giving instructions to a guy on how to take their picture properly using her phone. Then she moved to join two older women for a nice photo…. read more