Ninong sa Kasal07:39 AM Saturday July 30, 2016 |

Bea and Leonard met while working at Ford EDSA. After at least 6 years of being in-love, they are tying the knot at a garden wedding come December of this year. They came here last night with a big steamed fish cooked by Bea’s mom. They asked Tito Edmund if he could be a ninong… read more

Biker shot dead10:29 PM Friday July 29, 2016 |

My husband advised us not to watch the CCTV footage of how the biker was shot dead. He said we would get affected because it’s depressing. I really pity the biker and his family. Tonight, I will offer prayers for his soul. One thing I noticed while their were fighting was there were several people… read more

The Happiness Planner09:48 PM Friday July 29, 2016 |

I was window shopping when I spotted this book called   The Happiness Planner. It was written by Mo Seetubtim, founder of BrandMentalist and The Happiness Planner. The book evokes a positive attitude of being happy, grateful, diligent and belief in oneself. 100 days of happiness… The art of being happy lies in the power… read more

Weekend Date with Husband09:16 PM Friday July 29, 2016 |

We needed a change of environment even for one night to relax and deviate our minds from stress. Edmund suggested that we book a hotel in Tagaytay. Most hotels were fully booked. I was able to get the last room available at Taal Vista. The manager was kind of apologetic because she said it has… read more

Lunch alone at Sonya’s Garden04:09 PM Friday July 29, 2016 |

I had a weekend date with my husband. He was coming from golf, I was coming from an early morning meeting. I skipped breakfast to beat the traffic in Aguinaldo Highway. By 11 am, I was starving but still waiting for my husband. He messaged me to say that the earliest he would reach Cavite… read more

LV Sunglasses collection10:26 PM Wednesday July 27, 2016 |

My sunglasses don’t last. They either get lost or get broken. I had some really nice ones before that were lost. Accidentally fell off or left behind on the seat or table. Sigh. I need a new pair and have decided next time I buy it would most likely be a Louis Vuitton. LV gave… read more

We need herbal and miracle plants09:47 PM Wednesday July 27, 2016 |

We were driving by Mahogany when we saw herbal plants and fruit bearing grafted trees for sale. We wanted to buy some useful plants, meaning those with medicinal values. Citronella, orange, lemon, pomelo, santos, ponkan, kamias, lanzones, apple, camachile, dalanghita, sampaloc, chico, balimbing, macopa, rambutan, duhat, guyabano, they practically have every available fruits you can… read more

Flatiron Restaurant in Uptown Mall08:19 PM Wednesday July 27, 2016 |

I went back to Uptown Mall, BGC, the following Saturday for an afternoon meeting. I was the one who chose the restaurant Flatiron. I thought that would be an appropriate place to meet with some law enforcement officers. There was a separate dining area for about 10 people but it was occupied. We sat at… read more

Mass and Dinner by ourselves10:49 PM Tuesday July 26, 2016 |

We are fond of drinking fresh buko juice with no added water and sugar. It’s not a good idea to drink a glass of juice before going to mass. Someone gave us sweet pineapple from Cavite. It’s also not a smart idea to eat pineapple with hungry stomach and to wash it down with a… read more

First SONA of Mayor Duterte10:25 PM Monday July 25, 2016 |

He doesn’t want to be called president so from now on I’ll stick to calling him Mayor Duterte. I actually like it better, less formality. I missed the first part of his SONA this afternoon because I made a quick trip to the grocery. When I got home, his speech was half-way. A giant Philippine… read more

I have a Furla Passport Holder09:34 PM Monday July 25, 2016 |

The FPG Insurance (Federal Phoenix) officers always remember my birthday. They have never failed to personally greet me happy birthday, bring cake, flowers, and a thoughtful gift. I was absent on my birthday that’s why they were not able to greet me as usual. Jun and Meanne showed up two weeks ago and delivered a… read more

Ants love Termites07:04 PM Monday July 25, 2016 |

Our house has been invaded by termites. Some of the wooden moulding, ceilings, walls, window frames, marine plywood roof backing, have been eaten. I discovered recently that ants love to eat termites. They are actually natural enemies. When there’s a mound of soil with plenty of ants, that means there’s a termite colony in there…. read more

CNN Philippines features Nemiranda12:15 AM Monday July 25, 2016 |

Maestro Nemiranda was featured recently on Profiles, CNN Philippines. Mitzi Borromeo toured his art gallery and bed and breakfast both located in Angono, Rizal. One thing I noticed about Nemi is that he is not money driven. He is generous in sharing his talent to the young artists in Rizal. He is an inspiration not… read more

Nemiranda exhibit at De la Salle Santiago Zobel12:07 AM Monday July 25, 2016 |

I couldn’t say no to Nemiranda. Although it was almost zero visibility because of heavy rains, I didn’t think twice going to Alabang to attend the opening ceremony of his art exhibit at the De La Salle Santiago Zobel upon the invitation of the school’s president. I suspected he only invited a few people that’s… read more

I am going thru a difficult phase10:34 AM Sunday July 24, 2016 |

I am depressed. I’ve been depressed for quite sometime now. Yesterday I realized that this is a phase. I am going thru some difficult phase. Perhaps one of the most difficult a person could encounter. My new realization is a good step. At least things are becoming clearer in my mind. I am slowly piecing… read more

Window shopping at Habitat Store10:24 AM Sunday July 24, 2016 |

Knowing that her mom loves house wares more than clothes, daughter brought me to the Habitat store in Bonifacio Global City. This is a European-brand which first opened in London in 1964. Most of the pieces on display are from France. We saw a male Caucasian helping the store’s local stylists spruce up the furniture… read more

# love our country more09:03 AM Sunday July 24, 2016 |

Because of the bullying that our country receives, I think more Filipinos begin to love our country more. From the Maharlikan A restaurant in Beijing posted this sign on their door “This shop does not receive the Japanese, the Philippines, the Vietnamese and dogs.” Sharing Arnel Paciano and AJ+s video about school children going thru… read more