Gaano ka Gravity02:39 PM Saturday August 29, 2015 |

I regretted letting the furniture maker with a shop in Greenhills come to our house yesterday afternoon to look at my old dining tables. They were very distracted. As soon as they came in, ang sabi “Ay mam, pamatay naman, grabe naman pala ang bahay nyo, nakamamatay”. Nabasa nya siguro yung karatula sa Ortigas Ave–… read more

Richest Filipinos on Earth09:59 AM Saturday August 29, 2015 |

Every now and then Forbes magazine releases some names who make it to their list of richest people on earth. Yesterday, they released 50 names of super mega yaman Filipinos with Henry Sy, Sr. on the far top. A nine billion dollar distance to the second placer is a very comfortable lead. John Gokongwei comes… read more

Bessie’s Balikbayan Boxes10:24 PM Friday August 28, 2015 |

Hi Annie, Balikbayan boxes are so precious to me. I’ve been sending them since my Saudi Arabia (1989), Marshall Islands (1997) and currently from the US. I save money, work extra shift, collect coupons, wait for big sale events like Black Friday (stores and online shopping). I even have dedicated cabinets para sa mga naiipon… read more

Political Commercials09:33 PM Friday August 28, 2015 |

We can’t ignore this political posturings. This early, dami ng political commercials. As much as I hate politics, I have to choose and vote. So far wala pa akong mapili. 1. A former cabinet member of GMA is trying to convince me to vote for VP Binay for President. I haven’t made my choice yet…. read more

Our Balikbayan Boxes have Arrived06:49 PM Friday August 28, 2015 |

It took almost two months before the two balikbayan boxes we shipped while we were in California last June arrived. Bakit kaya ang tagal ngayon. Actually nalimutan ko na na meron pala kaming boxes. Eto na, kung anu-ano rin ang laman. We found a $30 tv antenna from Costco for our mini farm. Is that… read more

Beyond Balikbayan Boxes06:26 PM Friday August 28, 2015 |

Kuya Lito was my very first sibling who moved to the US in the 70s. After graduating from Commerce at the University of Santo Tomas and passing the CPA board exams, he was hired by a local company with a nice office in Makati. He moved to another trading company but resigned to immigrate to… read more

Na lo lonely ako11:42 PM Thursday August 27, 2015 |

I want to throw a party at home because I am feeling lonely. I’ve been isolated for two weeks and I need real human interaction. I am tired of watching CNN. It throws me into panic thinking of deaths and murders. Local news offer little good news for the population with government mismanagement, politics, riding… read more

Edmund’s Birthday August 26, 201511:30 PM Wednesday August 26, 2015 |

August 26, 2015 Wednesday I was excited to wake up this morning believing that my sickness would be gone in no time at all. I now have the right medications and there’s just a positive feeling in my heart that soon I would be up and about. Today’s Edmund’s birthday too. I woke up at… read more

Happy Birthday dear husband11:50 AM Wednesday August 26, 2015 |

I planned on bringing you to St. Stephen’s Basilica for a birthday visit and to light candles. Go to the Buda Castle and have a leisurely stroll around the Fisherman Bastion and have a romantic dinner overlooking Pest. Sorry travel plans were canceled because I got sick. Happy Birthday Tart. May you have 50 more… read more

New Lifeline08:29 AM Wednesday August 26, 2015 |

August 24, 2015 Monday I am thankful to a friend of mine who probably had seen my post re the medicines I’ve been taking supposedly to cure my pneumonia. He said Zihtromax may not be able to cure me. He suggested that I go see a pulmonologist. I tried contacting the one he recommended at… read more

Cough till I drop12:10 PM Monday August 24, 2015 |

I feel like I am being punished for my sins. For ten straight days, all I did was to steam bath, inhale hot vapor (free facial), take medicines, drink fluids, cough till the whole neighborhood could hear me. My husband and son have caught the virus from me. It’s been three days since I started… read more

I have pneumonia (again)07:46 PM Saturday August 22, 2015 |

August 21 was supposed to be a going out of town day.  It was a long weekend and yet,  I spent it dealing with my sickness. Daughter brought eight of her finance staff to Las Casas de Acuzar in Bataan for a day treat.  My son attended a swimming party (despite the rain) at his… read more

OMB Tweets #2208:00 PM Friday August 21, 2015 |

1. I saw Edmund taking pictures of some thing outside our window. He said it’s going to be a rare specie that could face extinction. It’s a dragonfly pala. He also took photos of the tutubi using my cellphone. Omb——-“Tart nung maliit ako lagi kong kasama si Tigi at Dinand, nang-uumpit kami ng tutubi. I… read more

Been Sick for a week01:17 PM Friday August 21, 2015 |

I’ve spent one whole week swimming in my bed. My cough has worsened and it keeps me and Edmund awake practically the whole night. I had occasional sinat, parang akong dragon merong init lumalabas sa mga mata ko. I feel so exhausted, tired of coughing. Just when I am beginning to doze off, eto na… read more

Not Pneumonia11:57 AM Friday August 21, 2015 |

Monday, August 17, 2015 The doctor’s secretary advised me to come in at around 2 pm so I didn’t have to wait in line. 2:20 pm my husband was checking if I was already at the clinic. 2:30 I arrived at the clinic of Doctor Palafox, marami pang pasyente, mostly senior citizens. I didn’t mind… read more

Green and Yellow Lemon11:30 AM Friday August 21, 2015 |

I sent the driver to buy some lemon. After an hour, maid B went up to me with the receipt and some loose change. Maid B——“Mam, tatlo na lang daw ang nabili ni Driver N kasi tatlo na lang daw ang natirang GREEN lemon”. Omb———“Ano’ng green lemon? Wala akong pinabili na green lemon”. Maid B——“Yan… read more

Singkwenta Pesos na Sorbetes11:19 AM Friday August 21, 2015 |

On my way to Cardinal Santos Hospital last monday, I succumbed to my long time addiction, sorbetes. Dati-rati sampung piso lang ito (10), ngayon ay beinte pesos na (20). The sorbetero tried to convince me to upsize to a bigger cone. Omb——–“Magkano yan?” Sorbetero–“Mam, singkwenta pesos”. Omb——–“Eto na lang, okay na ito sa akin”. Wow,… read more