Bday Invitees are invited on Aug 1101:30 PM Monday August 03, 2015 |

I was supposed to host a birthday dinner last May for some 15 OMB readers whose names were picked from among those who sent comments. The simple get-together was postponed indefinitely. I would like to invite these same group of readers to a party on August 11 at 6 pm. If your name was among… read more

Family Staycation12:59 PM Monday August 03, 2015 |

Marco Polo was where our family stayed for a night during the long weekend. That’s where we had our mini staycation. It’s walking distance from our house which made the logistics easier. I was the one tasked to check in but unfortunately the reservation was made under Edmund’s name. He was playing golf so I… read more

When I am 7008:43 AM Sunday August 02, 2015 |

I realized that the number 70 is much closer than I think. My doctor brother likes to say– not to worry about getting old because it takes a very long time. Parang hindi yata. Parang ang bilis. When I was 12 I was so inip na to be 18. Now that I am way past… read more

MRT victims11:15 PM Saturday August 01, 2015 |

I feel so helpless every time I see the throngs of people waiting in line to ride the MRT. Parusa at pasakit. They are the victims of government and private sector inefficiency. Sayang ang oras at pagod nila. If only I have the power to make their commute easier and faster. Kung ako nga meron… read more

Mar needs charisma11:02 PM Saturday August 01, 2015 |

From OMB reader Harold: The only thing about Mar is he lacks charisma… And most of the time he talks about things while he is not an expert on the subject matter. He should also be aware that his countenance is affecting how people perceive him. If he wants to succeed, then he should appear… read more

Mar Roxas for President09:22 AM Saturday August 01, 2015 |

The presidential election is heating up with several possible contenders, Bongbong Marcos, Grace Poe, Binay, and now Mar Roxas. For Vice President naman Chiz Escudero, Allan Cayetano, Duterte, and Annie Tan-Yee. Next year pa ang election, so next year pa ako pipili ng iboboto for president. Mag-pa-family meeting pa kami kasi block voters kami. Mar… read more

Heavy Rain and Fog in Tagaytay10:26 PM Friday July 31, 2015 |

To maximize my trip, I plan my schedule well when going to Tagaytay. I get to accomplish several things in a few hours visit. What takes the trip longer is the traveling time, the slow traffic along Sta. Rosa Road, and the heavy traffic before the Sucat exit (30 minutes), plus the perennial C5- SM-Aura-… read more

From Thy Bounty08:23 AM Friday July 31, 2015 |

Bless us, Oh Lord, and these thy gifts which we are about to receive from thy bounty, through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. Our simple salu-salo was by no means simple. Although not fancy, but we had delicious food for everyone. Monsignor feels at home with us kasi other than being Edmund’s golf friend, he is… read more

Tour of EDSA’s new building08:20 AM Friday July 31, 2015 |

Monsignor Arnel Lagarejos walked very fast while blessing and sprinkling Holy Water on every nook and cranny of the new Ford EDSA Greenhills building. I couldn’t catch up. He disappeared from my sight two minutes after he started the blessing. I ended up taking pictures more of the staff. Ann, Tina, Sandra, Randy, Bernard Ike,… read more

Proof of Payment07:49 PM Thursday July 30, 2015 |

Mrs. F bought the tiny house and lot of her distant cousin to save it from bank foreclosure. She gave her cousin cash payment of P250,000 supposedly as partial payment to the bank. Then Mrs. F also gave P35,000 cold cash to Atty. M, a lawyer of the bank who happened to be Mrs. F’s… read more

Doing Business 10103:09 PM Thursday July 30, 2015 |

A group of young entrepreneurs pulled their resources together and ventured into a new business which they thought they knew best. They recently organized a corporation and got a big office space on the top floor of an office/hotel building. It was an impulsive decision not aided by economic fundamentals. Their hopes and dreams were… read more

Antonia is going to Qatar11:46 PM Wednesday July 29, 2015 |

Antonia hurriedly left this morning to apply for a passport and process her visa to Qatar. Her niece who works at a hotel in Qatar has found a prized job for her, as a domestic helper to a childless couple who lives in a mansion in Qatar. She only informed us this morning that she’s… read more

Mastercard credit limit10:19 PM Wednesday July 29, 2015 |

I received my Mastercard credit card statement this afternoon. I contacted their customer service for two requests: One is to reverse the P6,000 a year membership fee. They should automatically waive this but they don’t. One must call and how many people remember to call? If I don’t call, then the P6,000 is added bonus… read more

Blessing of Ford EDSA 201508:15 AM Wednesday July 29, 2015 |

Instead of having the new building of Ford EDSA blessed on the same day as the inauguration on August 11, we opted to have a simple, quiet, and exclusive mass and blessing of Ford EDSA’s new showroom with only our employees and us in attendance yesterday morning. The mass was held at the customer lounge… read more

Krizzy Mendoza’s Debut07:46 AM Wednesday July 29, 2015 |

It looks like Edmund is the oldest among his golf mates because they still have baptismal parties, children’s party, debut. This is both good and bad. Good because not everyone gets to live up to our age. Bad because the wives of his friends never failed to inquire about my birth calendar and anti aging… read more

Organic Size Boosters06:26 PM Tuesday July 28, 2015 |

I always feel happy every time I bring home fruits harvested from our trees. These fruits, aside from being delicious and nutritious desserts, could be organ boosters. Banana for men, slip under the brief front flap for a great boost. Round avocado for women, maybe used as bra fillers

Depressing Day06:19 PM Monday July 27, 2015 |

I was so depressed last night and today too. I am feeling tired and weary. One stress after another. Last night was irritation 101, this afternoon is problem 202. Life is like a corrugated roof. Wavy, up, down, it’s not flat. Well, in the long run, it’s better wavy than flat. At least I know… read more