Johnny Litton’s 76th birthday04:28 PM Wednesday August 15, 2012 |

Last night was my third time to attend Johnny’s birthday party. I almost did not go because I was really feeling a bit low and sitting in the traffic for hours makes me restless, tired, agitated. It was pouring while I was choosing a dress to wear.

Last year, I arrived at Dusit at 5:45 pm and I was the very first person there. People started coming in at around 6:30 to 7 pm so last night nagpa late ako. I left our house at 6 pm wearing a very simple sleeveless tent dress I bought a few weeks ago from Zara.
I knew Johnny’s guests would come in their most glamorous and expensive attires but I was simply not in the mood to dress-up last night. I just planned on showing my face up then leave.

The program started about 5 minutes after I have found a seat. The birthday celebrant was called to the stage and he acknowledged the important people in his life.

First and foremost was his girlfriend of 4 years and wife of 55 years, Tere Rufino-Litton. Johnny said he was happy that she made it to his birthday party. She’s having dialysis because she has leukemia.
Johnny to Tere—–“Thank you for turning my house into a home, Thank you for giving me 5 children and 13 (or 16?) grandchildren. ……..I have a wife, partner, best friend……… I love you very much”.

I felt both happy and sad upon hearing that she’s battling leukemia. Happy because she has a husband that adores her. Sad because I want her to live longer for Johnny and their beautiful family. I hope she gets well.

Johnny Litton

One of Manila’s best dressed awardee Salome Uy, Marianne Chan and Josemari Chan.

Salome Uy, Marianne Chan, Annie C. Tan-Yee, Josemari Chan

___, Grace Palma Tiongco, ___, Angie Sison

Noel and Duday Tuazon
Noel tuazon

Cash gifts received by Johnny Litton are used to help less fortunate children nationwide.


Johnny lItton guests

Angie Sison and Ms. Olga Martel
Olga Martel and Angie Sison

Multi-awarded Bayanihan Dance Troupe brought us to the “unang panahon” with classic Filipino song and dance





I ate during the Bayanihan perfomances.

The food last year was a combination of continental and Thai. Last night was modern Filipino.

Dusit Thani Hotel has become the favorite venue for many events.   It’s not surprising at all,  their location is convenient, the side entrance is a few steps to the ballroom, and the food is always good.

Marinated Menudo





I took some video clips of the Bayanihan dances but it takes hours to upload them on you tube.
Will just upload them some other time.

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