Ferris Wheel in Tagaytay12:43 AM Sunday January 20, 2013 |

SMDC is developing the vacant land on the ridge adjacent to Taal Vista Lodge into an amusement park or recreation park. I think this new attraction would be called Vista Ranch. I am glad there would still be horseback riding which has become a tradition among families visiting Tagaytay. My son is a graduate of this area. We used to come here many times when he and Oyen were still little.

The view up there must be breath-taking. I don’t know if I can gather enough courage to ride in this ferris wheel. Baka kailangan naka Valium 20 ako.



I went to Tagaytay last wednesday afternoon. I left Makati at 3 pm, arrived in Barangay Sungay West and met with the Kapitan. then I went to the munisipyo, then met with someone. I headed back to Manila at 5:00, bought some pasalubong. I was home by 7 pm. Dapat by 6:30 lang but traffic in EDSA was so bad.

My son likes matamis na mani. Edmund does too but lately he’s avoiding peanuts and beans kasi sumasakit mga buto-buto nya.

Tila panahon pa ng Kastila meron ng hacovina

Piaya from Bacolod. I didn’t know what Piaya was until I married Edmund. He’s Ilonggo.

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