Pangako ng mga Politico09:48 PM Monday April 22, 2013 |

Nakakatuwa ang mga politico, they have very similar promises, just different versions:

Maraming trabaho
Trabaho para sa lahat

Libreng edukasyon

Libreng gamot para sa mahihirap
Alagang (name of candidate)…. alagang Downy”
Maka-Pilipino (Dapat naman. You have no right to run for public office if you are not.)

Murang pagkain para sa lahat
Pagkain sa mesa
Walang Pilipinong magugutom
Masaganing ani.

Every week, I get an update of the SWS Survey from Professor Dindo Manhit.
Today, the report said the top 5 are Legarda, Cayetano, Villar, Binay, and JV Ejercito.

Edmund has a partial list of those he would surely vote for Senator. On top of his list is JV Ejercito, our former mayor in San Juan. Also Nancy Binay, wife of his friend Pepito Angeles.
He said he would also vote for Rissa Hontiveros.

On my list naman is Allan Peter Cayetano, followed by JV Ejercito. JV and his wife send us a delicious dish every Christmas. They also went out of their way to attend our wedding anniversary a few years ago. Of course I will also vote for Nancy Binay, kasi her husband is Edmund’s friend. He comes to our office and hangs-out with Edmund. They also attended our wedding anniversary. Syempre we appreciated that. Kaya guys, next time we celebrate our anniversary, attend kayo ha para you will also be on top of my list (laughs).

By the way, if you happen to be voting in Negros, please vote for former Congressman and Secretary of Finance, Margarito “GARY” Teves. He’s running for governor. Vote for him.
Aside from being capable, he’s a good man, hindi sya nangungurakot.

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