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The organizers saved the best for last. Old Course Golf Links would be on the last day of tournament.

Playing on this course was Edmund’s dream, and yet it rained hard on friday. The weather forecast whole week was rainy but the weather turned out great from monday to thursday. Except on Friday which was supposed to be the finale day. He even told me the night before, with utter conviction that he would play his best game. Nalimutan naming mag-alay ng itlog.


Edmund and his flight mates from Spain, (The one in the center owns a golf course in Canary Islands), stopped playing after the 10th hole due to heavy rain. Edmund’s caddie told them the rain could continue all day. So they retired after the 10th hole, where Edmund shot a birdie.


Long story short. He didn’t win a Golf Champion Trophy, also called as  Claret trophy.  This is the kind of trophy given to the champions of the British Open  or The Open.


He played well but it’s a handicap system so even those with 14 handicap came out better. For example, someone who had a handicap 14 played 7 under. Someone who submitted a handicap 12, played 5 under. While Edmund, with a low handicap, shot only one over.

He didn’t feel bad not winning a trophy, but he felt bad that he didn’t get to finish his game. Most especially that it’s on the Old Course. Siguro, he’s meant to come back, yun na lang sabi ko.


Edmund won two team prizes.  He received crystal glasses with engraving similar to this.


The non-golfers (Nancy and I) got a teddy bear each as a fun award.
I baptized it Andrew.


Edmund is bitin kasi he wasn’t able to play the whole 18 holes on the Old Course Golf Links.
As General MacArthur had said—- “Edmund shall return”.



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