Dinner at Pres. GMA’s home11:30 PM Thursday March 09, 2017 |

I had the honor of visiting the sprawling residence of President GMA last night. Call time was at 7 and if not for my bright driver, I would not be 3 minutes late. I purposely didn’t want to arrive too early and be the first one there. But when I arrived, my friends from the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PCCI) were already there. Diana Santos told me they arrived at 6:30 pm and GMA arrived from Congress at 6:45 pm.

William Go brought the food and I brought 6 bottles of wine and a box of cookies for GMA. Muntik ko pang nalimutan. I was already in our garage when I remembered.

wines and cookies for Pres. GMA

PCCI President George Barcelon, Bobby Amores, Diana Santos, Pat Dizon, Annie Tan-Yee
OMB wiht PCCI group

Boy Aure and Mina. Boy is such a kind person. Willing to help friends anytime.
Boy Aure and

I like the splashes of blue in the formal living room.
Boy Arce, Pat Dizon, Annie Tan-Yee

GMA with Mila Lacson (wife of Ed Lacson), George Barcelon (PCCI Pres), Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Jr. (Philexport President), Boy San Pedro (PCCI Member and currently the president of Valley Golf and Country Club, Val go (son of William Go), Edgardo Lacson (former president of PCCI), and Boy Aure (PCCI Chairman of SME and Arbitration Committee),
gma 060 with PCCI

GMA with George Barcelon and Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Jr. at the formal dining room.
GMA with George Barcelon and Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Jr.

There’s a crystal pineapple in the center of the long dining table. The lamp shade’s base is also shaped like a pineapple.
Crystal Pineapple,

There’s a big wood carving shaped like a fish that is hanging on the wall in the formal dining room. I couldn’t get my eyes off it. It’s so pretty. I asked GMA if that was a heirloom piece from her parents. She said no, it was a gift to her by the President of Palau when she was still president.

wooden fish ,  GMA's house

William Go was the one who brought the food. And dami, parang good for 100 people eh ang konti lang namin. GMA was the first to get , followed by ohmybuhay.
dinner at GMA's house

Ang dami kong kinuha. There were three kinds of lechon. I got them all, as if my cholesterol level is not high. I saw GMA getting lechon also.
my plate,  dinner with GMA

This roast baby big’s skin is crispy. The lechon macao’s skin is crispier and tastier.
Baby lechon,  GMA dinner

Ang dami
my plate,  dinner at GMA's house

Ladies first, then guys next.
Left to right, let me see if I’ll get this right— Anton Sayo, hmm… si Bobby Amores ba ito? Parang medyo mas mataba, Cong. Benjo Benaldo, Val Go, Rene Simbulan.
Guys getting food at buffet,  GMA's house

The big bowl of fruit salad was made by Rebecca , cousin of GMA.
fruit salad,  dinner at GMA's house

(Left) William Go, PCCI Director and in charge of the Committee on Agriculture. William & Co. also owns one of the largest schools in Rizal, the ICCT Colleges. (Right) Former Asst. Majority Leader and Congressman from the 1st District of Cagayan de Oro City, Benjo Benaldo.
Benjo looks very young, I thought he is my daughter’s age. He is going to strangle me for saying this but he is the former husband of Brazilian model and Philippine actress, Daiana Meneses.
William Go and Benjo Benaldo

Group photo with GMA and PCCI officers
PCCI officers ,  GMA,  Annie C. Tan-Yee

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