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Hi Paul,

You can get bits and pieces of information from town folks who knew our family but it didn’t mean that their perception of our lives were correct. If there are things you want to know about us, the best resource person is me. Even if you ask our closest relatives, chances are, the information you will get is not accurate. If you ask our neighbors, syempre, it’s more colored, meron kasamang tsismis flavor.

It was like when after 20 long years they saw me all made up and they concluded that I spent gazillion of money at the doctor’s clinic to make myself look pretty. They said I had a nose lift. I don’t have time to correct every kababayan’s opinion or impression of me, but the important thing is that what they think is not important to me. However for the record, my mom looked gorgeous and her nose was a la Nicole Kidman. My nose doesn’t even come close nor I look half as gorgeous, but there is no pangit in our family. We may not be fantastic looking but so far none needed some kind of science intervention to make their faces look better.

My father didn’t have many families. Dami naman nyan. We were the only family. Both my parents were hard working because they had 6 children to see through college. Four boys were all going to UST at the same time. They devoted their every waking moment to provide for their children’s welfare. It was tough to send 6 kids to school. Ang panganay, doctor pa. Mabigat ang tuition fee.

The person you spoke with was referring to Kuya Pending and his daughter Princess. She told me she holds clinic across the town plaza. This reminds me, I will invite Princess and her family and some of my mom’s relatives over for a Sunday lunch probably in July when I am not too busy.

My father passed away 18 years ago, and my mom, some 15 years ago. Sayang they would have been the best resource persons. But I am still here, you can ask me anytime, however, I would gladly share it with you in person, in deference to my parents and to avoid facts being twisted into a breakfast, lunch and dinner talk of the town. Or maybe sometime in the not so distant future, I’ll wake up one morning and tell the world the 5 sentences truth behind that.


  1. There will always be people who will judge without hearing the real story. Minsan they are just jealous because you are living your life.

  2. “Those who know me never doubt me and those who doubt me never know me.” ~ Karen Gibbs

    Hi An, may you always bring inspiration and happiness to everybody. I wish you well. :-)

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