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I have bridged my self-imposed weight limit. Ever since I came back from the US, all I did was to have lunch and dinner meetings. The result is a leap from size Medium to Large. The clothes I brought in from the US are now a little tight and it’s only been a month and 10 days.

Dinner with RP Manhit at Apero in Corinthian Hills C Temple Drive, beside Rustan’s Grocery, Corinthian Hills, QC.

Pasta for RP, Pasta for me too.

Dessert for RP, dessert for me too.
Apero ice cream

And double order pa kasi the cup was too small.
I loved this white chocolate ice cream with orange bits. It’s not sweet and I enjoyed chewing the orange peels. I just didn’t like the price per small cup P190 plus tax.

Apero white chocolate ice cream with orange bits

Corinthian Hills Clubhouse
Temple Drive, beside Rustan’s Grocery
Quezon City near Katipunan, White Plains

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