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February 24, 2017
It was a very bad Friday night traffic. From Ford EDSA, it took us one hour and fifteen minutes to reach Edsa Plaza or Edsa Shangrila Hotel, a distance of 4.9 kilometers which should have taken only 10 minutes in normal traffic conditions. I was feeling perfectly well when I got on my vehicle but after only 10 minutes of inching our way thru traffic, I became dizzy and nauseated. I wanted to go back but it would take us longer to turn-around.
I felt like vomiting inside the vehicle. I was holding on to my sanity because I might have a heart attack and with the 4 inches distance in between vehicles, there was no way I would reach the hospital alive.

My dinner date with Oyen was supposed to be at 7:30 but I arrived at the hotel at almost 9 pm. It was no longer dinner, but midnight snack.

I couldn’t sit still, I was still feeling dizzy. My daughter advised me to go out of Senju first while we’re waiting for our orders. I walked back and forth to the ladies toilet, splashed water on my face, arms, neck, nape, to jolt me and hopefully I would feel better. Ganun pa rin, hilo pa ako. Parang the floor was moving. Grabe.

My daughter called to say our food was ready so I walked back to the restaurant. I was still feeling nauseated but I somehow managed to enjoy my meal with Oyen.

senju with oyen 006

We both didn’t like the teppanyaki prawns with misu dressing because the dressing overpowered the prawns. Shrimps are naturally flavorful so a simple dash of salt and pepper and maybe garlic would suffice. No need to put elaborate sauces which drowns the natural flavor of the shrimps. Next time we come here, I will request them just to saute it in garlic, salt, and pepper.
senju with oyen 005

The chef split our one order of sea bass. It was sooo good we ordered another one. It was cooked with plenty of garlic which we both love.
senju with oyen 008, sea bass

The dessert was also very satisfying. We shared a plate of freshly made mochi. Oyen got the coffee jellies and green tea mochi. We don’t like frozen mochi that has thick and hard dough. This one is perfect.

senju with oyen 009, mochi

My daughter paid for our meal. We got a little discount because she has a Shangrila membership card. Every time we go out nowadays, she’s the one paying for my meal. Sarap libre. Thank you anak.

Senju Japanese Restaurant
2nd floor, Edsa Shangrila Hotel
1 Garden Way, Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila
For reservations: Tel 6338888

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