Dinner @ Lartizan10:32 PM Sunday March 12, 2017 |

This huge poster of seabass was effective. Edmund and I decided to eat here at Lartizan because of this.
seabass poster,  Lartizan

Lartizan facade

Lartizan front door

They have a small private room. There was a young couple who arrived and went straight to this room. The waiter dropped the curtain. Ano kaya ginawa nila dun? Nag propose? Ng ano? Tsismosa.
Lartizan restaurant, private room

I can’t keep our silverware this clean and shiny. Too much work and expense.
silverwares,  Lartizan

Single stem rose, candle light, dapat siguro feeling romantic but we didn’t feel romantic. How do you feel romantic after 32 years of being together? Tell me.
dining table,  Lartizan

Edmund enjoyed his French onion soup. He made me taste it. Yeah, it’s delicious.
French Onion Soup,  Lartizan

They served a lot of bread. They have a bakery there so siguro eto yung mga over-runs. Joke.
bread and soup,  Lartizan

Edmund wanted to try their Moules Mariniere. It was a mistake. Our standards were too high because we’ve eaten this dish many times in Paris, Brusells and DC.
bin party 127

This was what I came here for. Their seabass was fresh and cooked just right.
Sea bass, Lartizan

We decided to eat dessert elsewhere.
Beverages list, lartizan

Lartizan @ Ayala Mall, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.


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