Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe11:49 PM Sunday March 12, 2017 |

There’s a Korean dessert place on the lower ground floor of Ayala Mall in Pasig, called Hobing. It’s a franchise from Korea according to the sales lady. People queue up to get a table. Mind you the place’s air conditioning is too warm for women with no more ovaries. My daughter thinks it’s intentional because Hobing serves shaved ice desserts. Baka daw ginawin ka.
My husband has a different theory— that the mall’s aircon is not yet fully operational.

Hobing Korean dessert cafe

Hobing Korean ice shaved desserts


I ordered one large mango with cheesecake for all of us.
Mango with cheesecake, Hobing

Hobing mango dessert

I had problems with my reflexes that moment. My dessert kept spilling on my clothes. I knocked down my cup. It dropped on the floor and splattered the contents everywhere– and on Oyen’s clothes and arm.
spilt Hobing dessert

Oyen's jeans

mango dessert on the floor, Hobing

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