Kalimutan Nyo ang Kulam12:06 AM Monday March 13, 2017 |

I would like to appeal to all who are looking for a mangkukulam. Kalimutan nyo ang Kulam. Nothing good will come out of it. Walang maitutulong na mabuti ang ganitong gawain.

I ran a post last year about the albularyo when my husband had bell palsy. There was an albularyo who came here twice. He was brought here by one of our staff.

We no longer have the contact number of that albularyo. Our staff who personally knows him has retired from the company after 20 plus years.

Every week, I get at least three emails asking about the mangkukulam. Much as I would like to help you find one, I do not know of any person engaged in witch craft. Wala akong ka Facebook na bruha, bruho or mangkukulam.

Pasensya na kayo kung hindi ko kayo matutulungan na maghanap ng mangkukulam.
Mabuti pa magdasal na lang kayo na malutas ang inyong mga problema kesa mag-isip kayo ng masama. Masama ang mangkulam ng tao (if there’s such a thing).

Choose to be good.

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