Closing Reception for US-ASEAN10:43 AM Wednesday March 15, 2017 |

We were requested to arrive at the Manila Golf Club meeting room at 5:30 pm because Ambassador Kim was expected to arrive sometime between 5:30 – 6:30 pm. I didn’t want to be late but I over exaggerated my being punctual. I was there by 4 pm. I thought I would be the first one but William go beat me by five minutes.
Nagpicture taking pa kasi. (Photographer: husband)

Ohmybuhay selfie at home

About 45 minutes just to get through the McKinley traffic a la sardines. I was glad I had a big time allowance or else I would be peeing in my pants.
McKinley Road heavy traffic

I arrived at the Philippines’ premium golf club at exactly 4 pm.
Manila Golf doesn’t look as charming as the other fairways that I’ve seen in other countries. Membership is most coveted because of its prime location (Forbes Park) and being the most expensive (43M and no seller) of all clubs in the country makes it ultra exclusive. Even if you have the millions to park here, it doesn’t mean you will be accepted to the club. You have to be somebody in all caps.
Manila Golf and Country Club March 2, 2017

We’re co-hosting the closing reception of the US-ASEAN 40 year relations conference organized by the US State Department and CSIS Washington DC.
Manila Golf meeting room

US-ASEAN reception, stage

Yours truly with SGV & Company’s Country Managing Partner, J. Carlitos G. Cruz. I didn’t know that in 2008, I shared the same stage with Itos when we received the UST College of Commerce’s Top 75 Alumni during its 75th year anniversary celebration. We didn’t know each other yet in 2008.
Itos Cruz (SGV) and Annie Tan-Yee

George Barcelon, Philip Romualez, and William Go.
George Barcelon, Philip Romuladez, William Go

Former prime minister Cesar Virata, and Beth Lee.
Cesar Virata,  Beth Lee

I only noticed the musicians before the party started.
musical entertainment,  March 2, 2017

closing reception, March 2, 2017 Manila Golf

(top row)
Atty. Opap Villonco, Tony Lopa, Atty. Popoy Recalde, Babe Romualdez,
Felix Ang, Fausto Preysler, Oscar, Susing Pineda.

Opap, Tony, Popoy, Babe, Felix, Fausto, Oscar, Susing

Professor Dindo Manhit and US Ambassador Sung Kim
Prof. Dindo Manhit and US Ambassador Sung Kim

William, OMB, Jun Ortiz, Bobby Amores, George Siy. William left at exactly 7 pm because he was going to a wedding reception at the Shangrila Hotel. Kaya pala sya super aga kasi aalis sya agad. He told me he once attended a wedding at the same hotel wherein the parents of the couple spent 8M just for the flowers alone. Repeat: Eight million pesos para sa bulaklak lang. Exaj. Ako naaartehan ako pag sobrang exaggerated ang mga floral decors. Ilang oras lang yan naka display tapos itatapon na. Even if you can afford it, tila unnecessary expense. Kung nagtatae ka ng pera siguro naman to spend 1 M on flowers is good already, then donate na lang the 7 M.
Closing Reception, US-ASEAN conference

buffet table,  Manila Golf Club

I saw Jun Ortiz getting a lot of pansit malabon, pati ako nakigaya. Parang hindi sila nagda-diet. If you’re in mid-70s, bakit ka pa magbabawal ng kain. Just eat everything.
Pansit malabon,  Manila Golf

There was a halu-halo bar but the glasses were too tiny. Parang4″ in height, that’s why I got 2. Nagkakantatapon ang laman bec it’s just too small.
halu-halo,  Manila golf

I was done eating when Raymond Garcia arrived.
Raymond Garcia and OMB

After dinner, the media interviewed Babe Romualdez. I surmised that it was about the US-Philippine relations under Pres. Duterte who is not fond of Americans. Babe turned down Duterte’s offer to be the Philippine Ambassador to the US.
media with Babe Romualdez

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