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I have become popular among men and women looking for mangkukulam to bring their respective spouses back. Ay naku ang dami hindi ko na nga ikinukwento.

From reader LT

“Hi I was searching the internet and came across this comments on a story. I am in need of help and can fly to Philippines to get the help. Do you know anyone that call bring spouse back?”

I am sorry I can’t help you. I do not know of anyone who can bring your husband back thru witchcraft, kulam, voodoo, balis, tawas, hypnotism, gayuma, pikot, etc. I can’t help you. Walang akong kilalang tutoong mangkukulam.

Para na akong nagger, paulit-ulit na lang ang tungkol dito sa kulam.


Kung ayaw na sa inyo, bakit nyo pa gustong bawiin? I know it hurts a lot if your spouse leaves you, pero kung ayaw na nga!

Instead of spending your time thinking of how to kulam him, please read the following:

1. If the reason for his leaving is a shallow argument, or words you uttered that hurt his pride, or a fight or misunderstanding with in-laws, differences in running the household, how to rear up the kids, or argument on money, it may be worth sitting down with him to discuss the conflicting issues calmly like two mature and level headed individuals. You must be in good faith with your marriage and your husband’s feelings at heart. I believe that the issues above can still be sorted out. Of course, the solution lies between the two of you.

2. If he left because of your own doing, you may try to win him back by talking to him and explaining and show good faith you’re not going to do it again. Pero kung ayaw na talaga, huwag mo ng pilitin. His forgiveness will come, just pray and wait.

3. If the reason for leaving you is he found someone he thinks is better than you, then I say, just let him be. No matter how painful it is, one morning, you’ll wake up tired of crying and blaming yourself. No matter how long it would take, you will eventually snap out of it and be free from guilt and self-pity. Hayaan mo na lang sya. Accept that he doesn’t love you anymore.

4. I know you’ll think it’s very easy for me to say it because my husband is here with me. I don’t wish that he leaves me, but if he does, I will lock our gates, doors and windows para hindi na sya bumalik. It’s not that I don’t want him anymore, pero kung iniwan na nga ako for someone else ibig sabihin, ayaw na nya sa akin, oh eh bakit babalik pa? Bakit ko isisiksik pa ang sarili ko? Uuwi nga dito, babalik pero wala naman sa sarili dahil gusto nya yung ibang babae. Para ano pa? There’s no more LOVE so goodbye!

5. Do not try to compete with the woman he left you for. Mas bata? Ganun talaga, you cannot compete because no matter what you do, you cannot reverse your age. Botox? Belo? No way. Mas matangkad? Do not try to wear 6″ heels. Don’t even try, hindi ka na tatangkad kahit isang drum na Star margarine ang papakin mo, tataas ang cholesterol mo pero hindi ikaw. Mas sexy? Define sexy. Yung pang nilaga, sinigang or tinola? Yung buto buto o malaman at siksik, at korteng bote ng Coca-Cola? Oh eh korteng Coca Cola rin naman ang katawan mo di ba? Yung Coke in cans.

6. Do not starve yourself to death so you’ll be sexy. Even if you trim down to a whistle bait figure of 34-24-34, he will never whistle when he sees you. He will choke! Yayabang pa yun kasi alam nya nagpapa sexy ka para sa kanya. “Ang tanda na nagpapaseksi pa”. Huwag ka ng magpantasya. MMDA at gwardya na lang ang sisipol pag gurang na. Pag bata ang tawag nila ay sariwa, pag pinagsawaan na nila, kahit anong ganda at sexy mo, ang tingin nila pickles.

7. Your husband will only taunt you when he sees you trying hard to look prettier FOR HIM. Be pretty for yourself but not for other people. No matter how pretty we are, men still see us as pangit because we are older. Accept na mababaw talaga ang mga lalaki especially Filipino men who like to surround themselves with trophy girls. If your husband is like that, then be happy that he left your house. You don’t want to be with someone who is shallow, stupid and sex maniac.

So please forget about the kulam thing. It doesn’t work. Just pray for your self. For your peace of mind. You’ll cry a river, but one day, your tears will run dry. I hope you will be happier again.


  1. I recommend Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian to help in the journey of healing and restoration. Only God can heal, restore and transform marriages, bringing love back in cases where it is gone, with lasting results. It begins with the wife in full submission to His instructions, having the faith for Him to act in perfect timing, and not giving up praying for the husband.

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