Don’t waste Time because it’s Life11:45 PM Saturday March 18, 2017 |

Sometimes I feel like I have done nothing but just waste my time. I have lazy days, melancholy days, exhausted days.

I know how precious it is and it should not be wasted. But still, I have many “don’t like to do anything days”.

Don’t be like me. My mind runs 100 km/h but my body is like “wait, can we slow down or better still just park where it’s breezy and quiet?”

Time is actually LIFE.
When your time is up, that means your dead.

Do you think dogs are aware of time management too? Look at Lucy, she wastes her time staring at me while I eat. Or maybe not because she knows I am going to feel awa, I will eventually stand up and throw her a piece of meat.

Lucy stares at me, Time is Life

(I am time)

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