Fine Dining with Marose and Jello11:00 PM Saturday March 18, 2017 |

All these luncheons and dinners are making me look like a pear. My stomach protrudes like a pregnant lola.

The first time I had dinner with Marose was in Senju. She’s so cute in person.
Selfie with Marose after dinner at Senju

We had dinner again after two weeks, this time with her fiance Jello.
They are both from Makati so in consideration, I chose Chef Jessie in Rockwell Club in Makati. I also wanted fine dining because it’s more quiet and relaxing.

I was coming from a mini conference at the BOI so I thought I would be late but surprisingly, traffic from Jupiter to Rockwell was light so I arrived an hour earlier. Okay lang. I was able to rest. I just sat there quietly.
Chef Jessie Rockwell Club

I didn’t make any advance reservation but the place was not full so we easily found a table near the wall. The tables by the window were all reserved. The place is cozy. I was too busy talking I forgot to take a photo of the restaurant. I’ve been here a couple of times but always on the mezzanine floor where private group meetings are held. Once or twice we had a board meeting here (Women’s Business Council of the Philippines), and maybe three times I had lunch with the Johan Strauss Society of the Philippines.
Chef Jessie Restaurant decor

Marose, Jello, and I all opted for the set menu para hindi na kami mag-isip.
It’s complete with soup, salad, main course, dessert, coffee or tea.

The kesong puti salad was delicious. The serving was small but it was just right para hindi kami gaanong mabundat sa busog especially Marose. She’s getting married this year and no bride wants to look preggers on her wedding day.
Chef Jessie,  kesong puti salad

The main course was a combination of steak and fish. The three of us liked this too.
Chef Jessie,  steak and fish

I thought our dessert would be a souffle. They gave us three pieces of profiterole creme puffs with ice cream and cream. Oh divine!
Chef Jessie,  dessert

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