Arrozeria in Bonifacio High Street10:45 PM Monday March 20, 2017 |

My daughter and I found ourselves in our lonesome one evening so we decided to have a mother/daughter night. We met at Serendra / Bonifacio High Street and walked from end to end till we got hungry and landed in Arrozeria, a sister restaurant of Gallery Vask. We were actually more inclined just to walk outside because the weather was beautiful. No rain and yet the temperature was in the 20s. It was getting late, like almost 9 pm so we picked a restaurant, and Arrozeria it was.

Arrozeria restaurant

My first time, my daughter’s second
A giant red mask welcomes guests at the door.
Arrozeria,  giant red mask

OMB at Arrozeria restaurant in Taguig

Paella is the specialty of the house.

Arrozeria,  home of paella

Arrozeria paella menu

They serve breakfast starting at 9 am
Arrozeria breakfast menu

Arrozeria,  Oyen

Shrimps dipped in squid ink. We weren’t sure when we ordered this but glad we did. It was good.
Arrozeria,  shrimps with squid ink

It didn’t look appetizing to me when I first saw this. I was even hesitant to take a bite. Masarap pala. With a dash of extra salt, this would be perfect for my taste.
Arrozeria,  black shrimp

Next time I go to Arrozeria, I will order a tray just for myself. Anak, no sharing.

Arrozeria,  blackened shrimp

It took them an hour and ten minutes before they served the seafood paella. We were sleepy already when it came.
Arrozeria seafood paella

The round plate was too much for two people because we were not very hungry. I took home the rest which I ate the next morning.
Arrozeria paella, ubos

My daughter and I both liked Arrozeria restaurant. We would like to come back for the blackened shrimps. I didn’t like the amount of time I had to wait for the paella. Maybe they can improve their process so they could serve this dish a little bit faster. Half hour is okay, but never an hour or more.

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