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April 6, 2017 Thursday

PAL London experience starts with an offer of a glass of champagne by Charles Heidsteck Brut Reserve, an award winning French champagne from Reims. It is a regular recipient of Gold medals and outstanding high marks.

This popular Champagne Charlie retails for about US$60 a bottle.

Champagne on board PAL London

A variety of drinks and beverages are also available on board like juices and smoothie.
PAL London,  smoothies

I chose mango smoothie, a real comfort drink for me although I’ve had a very bad experience drinking the green mango smoothie a few years ago during my flight from SFO to Manila.

Smoothie for OMB, champagne for Mister Yee.
PAL London,  smoothie and champagne

Mister Yee has a very bad reputation of knocking down wine glasses remember? Every time he orders a colored drink, makes me nervous. My LV was on the floor but while the flight attendants were still servicing drinks, I placed my bag on my lap.

Husband finished the champagne and started preparing to watch a movie from the Ipad mini provided to passengers. He knocked off the empty champagne glass.
Sya na rin ang nagsabi buti na lang daw wala ng laman. Kutob ko na nga ba kaya nilagay ko ang bag ko on my lap. Naku kung nagkataon na nabuhusan ng champagne ang bag ko, it’s going to cost him some money. Round trip tickets for two to Budapest (alangan naman ako lang mag-isa). plus 5 nights hotel plus ground transportation and meals, plus cost of the bag. Meron din syang konting savings from the tax refund.

PAL London,  champagne glass

Warning: If you see this guy on board, stay away from him. Secure your bag.


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