Frizzante Italian Restaurant08:11 AM Tuesday April 11, 2017 |

We gave up our seats at DINE with Stuart Muir for Larry and Mariz Patnongon.
We walked to the next block to look for a place to eat.
I wanted to eat here at Shakespeare’s but it was full of young guys. It’s like a sports pub.

Edinburgh,  Shakespeare's Bar

We walked a little farther away. There are cafes. pubs, restos, within meters of each other. You’ll never run out of choices.
Edinburgh, theater area

I picked Frizzante Italian Restaurant. It looks cute from the outside.
Edinburgh,  Frizzante

menu board
Edinburgh,  Frizzante menu board

Edinburgh, Frizzante wall

Edinburgh,  Frizzante menu

Pizza while in Scotland? Why not?
Frizzante pizza

Acqua Panna mineral water is available in Manila. Santi’s sells that too.
Edinburgh,  Acqua Panna

A small order of steamed mussels in tomato paste.
Edinburgh, Frizzante,  steamed mussels

Edinburgh,  OMB at Frizzante

half a pizza
Edinburgh,  Frizzante half pizza

As in most restaurants in Europe, the wash room at Frizzante is situated on the basement.
I was worried I might roll down this vertiginous stairs.

Edinburgh, Frizzante meal receipt

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