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April 8, 2017

I’ve been here in Edinburgh in October 2013 by myself. Although I stayed for a few hours only but it was enough to give me a good perspective of this capital city of Scotland.

Edinburgh 133 OMB April 8, 2017

Royal Mile

edinburgh 137 Edmund

Edinburgh 138 Edmund,  April 8, 2017

edinburgh 140

edinburgh 177

edinburgh 142

edinburgh 189

Edmund at the entrance of Edinburgh Castle
edinburgh 190

He didn’t want to get tickets to see the very top of the castle.
edinburgh 193

The view from the top is spectacular. This view is only from the ticketing area. Literally and figuratively the center of attraction in Edinburgh, the Edinburgh Castle sits atop the highest hill right in the middle of Scotland’s capital city.
edinburgh 194

There’s a Scottish Ice Cream truck parked on the castle ground.
edinburgh 205 Scottish Ice cream

edinburgh 210 OMB buys ice cream

Twin Scottish Ice Cream, mine’s 2 pounds, his is 2.5 pounds
edinburgh 213 ice cream

This is Edmund’s first time in Edinburgh. He was playing golf on the day I was brought here by the tour guide in 2013 that’s why he didn’t see this nice city. This is the reason why he is spending two days here (April 7-9) prior to the golf tournament because he wanted to see Edinburgh. I told him kasi that this city is nice too. Tomorrow, the golfers will proceed to St. Andrews so today is their chance to explore this medieval / old town city.

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