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The making of a Scotch Whisky starts with a single malt barley.
The production steps are drying, grinding into a powder, adding Scotland’s unique soft water, fermentation, distillation, maturation and finally, bottling depending on the number of years you want it to age. Whisky is aged for a minimum of three years before it’s bottled.

Oak casks
Edinburgh 082 Casks

This is where they cook it, copper pot stills.
edinburgh 081 copper pot stills

So serious
edinburgh 085 serious

The Scotch Whisky experience silver tour package lets you taste one kind of whisky. The gold package gives you all five kinds.
Edinburgh 087 Whisky sample room

Edinburgh Scotch Whisky guide

Our Scotch whisky experience tour guide
edinburgh 122 Scotch whisky tour guide

Tourists are given a whisky glass each to place on the kind of whisky we want to taste. There are minors who are also in the tour, they are given apple juice instead or some kind of non-alcoholic drink.

edinburgh 090 whisky tour group

I chose the Speyside because of the spa-like smell.
edinburgh 089 whisky glass

edinburgh 092 whisky samples

Edinburgh 097 Scotch Whisky tour

He is happy as a bee.
Edinburgh 094 ECY Scotch tour

Scotty experience, check!
edinburgh 109 ECY

I was also given a glass. I don’t drink alcohol kaya paamoy-amoy lang. Pretending to drink.
edinburgh 101 scotch glass

The original collection of this Scotch Whisky bottles was once owned by a rich businessman from San Paolo, Brazil. It was bought by the company that currently operates this whole facility offering whisky tasting, sales, sampling. They keep adding to this collection but they only collect Scottish made liquor.

Edinburgh 113 oldest whisky bottle

Edinburgh 111 Edmund Scotch Whisky tour

Mission accomplished
edinburgh 105 ECY

The highland cattle is different from our cow, Harry. The Scottish cow is fluffy. They have longer horns and curly coats, their natural cover for winter.
edinburgh 131 ECY and the Scottish Cow

edinburgh 119 Edmund Yee


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