Lunch at Johnston Terrace10:32 AM Tuesday April 11, 2017 |

April 8

We didn’t want to walk far from the Edinburgh Castle so we just randomly picked a restaurant close by, Johnston Terrace. The better restaurants open at 12 noon so the choices were limited. Only the little ones on the side streets open earlier.

Sausage and Mash ( pwede na sa gutom )
edinburgh 149 sausage and mash potato
The three long and skinny prawn twisters were good but not enough to fill my tummy. I didn’t eat the bed of greens.
edinburgh 150 prawn twister

Burger, okay lang daw according to Mister Yee. The garlicky fries didn’t taste like garlic and has no lasa.
edinburgh 151 fries

The nachos didn’t look appealing but they tasted decent. Naubos ko nga.
edinburgh 152 nachos

Overall our lunch at Johnston Terrace was unsatisfying in terms of food.
85% for the service and ambiance. 75% for the food.
edinburgh 153 Johnston terrace lunch

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