Praying at St. Giles Cathedral10:46 AM Tuesday April 11, 2017 |

Flashback October 2013
I was walking down the Royal Mile when I saw a big old church. I just presumed it was a Catholic church so I went inside. It was dark and some parts were under restoration or being cleaned.

I lighted a candle and knelt down right in the center. I sat there quietly and prayed with my whole heart. I made three wishes.

edinburgh 231 St. Gile's Cathedral

edinburgh 221 St. Gile's Cathedral, altar

April 8, 2017

edinburgh 224

Thank you note
edinburgh 222 thank you note

Praying for good customers
edinburgh 225

I lighted 5 candles, one for Nyke, one for Oyen, one for Edmund and I, one for our business, one for general intentions.
edinburgh 227 lighted candles

My discovery of this old church in October 2013 was only accidental. I was just walking, looking for the corner where the tour guide was supposed to pick me up. I actually got lost. I didn’t know that I walked past the corner because I spotted this church and just kept walking out of curiosity. When I saw the sign outside that the tower was a church, I excitedly went inside to pray and make a wish. I made three wishes not one.

I never expected that I would find myself praying here again right at the St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh after three and a half years. Such a long way from home.

But now I am back, unexpectedly, and here I am feeling grateful.
I remembered, I did pray fervently when I first came here.
And now I remembered, all my three wishes did come true.

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