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April 8, 2017 Edinburgh

Although not a heavy alcohol drinker, Edmund wants to go to the Scotch Whisky Experience tour. It’s a short walk from Apex hotel but requires climbing over not one but three steep stairs.

Edinburgh 032 OMB April 8, 2017

I stop and rest every 10 meters or else he will have to carry my fat belly.

edinburgh 044, April 8, 2017

edinburgh 047

edinburgh 052 ecy April 8, 2017

edinburgh 053 Scotch Whisky arrow

Edmund is messaging his friends to come and join us but they are busy at the golf store.
edinburgh 056 Scotch Whisky tour options

We are taking the 10:20 am silver tour experience. According to the guide, it will take 50 minutes long.
edinburgh 057 Scotch Whisky gold tour

It’s only 10 am, there’s time to check-out the thousands of bottles of whiskies at their store.

Macallan Single Malt Whisky P 177,800 per bottle
Edinburgh,  Macallan Whjisky display


edinburgh 069 whsky store

He is going to Viber this photo to his friends to entice them to come here too.
Edinburgh 060 ECY at whisky store

edinburgh 075 Edmund at the whisky store

There are smaller bottles of blended whiskies for single shots. This is easier to carry.
edinburgh 062 blended scotch whiskies

I don’t drink whisky or any alcohol but coming here makes me want to start collecting bottles of whiskies too.

There are so many nice things here but they are heavy and hard to pack.

Edinburgh 068 Whisky crystal Glencairn

edinburgh 070 whisky kitchen recipe book

edinburgh 063 Whisky store

I can’t imagine who will buy this 1.2 million peso bottle of Dalmore whisky.
If a shot will make me fly like Superman and be as strong and indomitable, I would.
edinburgh 065 Dalmore Whisky

This 50 year old Balvenie is even more expensive than the Dalmore at 1.750 million pesos. Whew!

edinburgh 066 Balvenie Whisky

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