The Veggie Bride10:49 AM Tuesday April 11, 2017 |

We chanced upon Walking Wedding, an event held at the Grassmarket arda sponsored by Apex Hotel and participating vendors. There are wedding reenactment, a double decker bus full of brides and grooms, a group of brides walking down the street, etc.

Edinburgh,  Walking Wedding

There’s a tiangge along the street where our hotel is. One of the vendors sells fruits and vegetables. They have a model wearing vegetable motiff wedding dress.

Omb—–“Hi, may I take your photo?”

edinburgh 260 veggie bride

Veggie Bride —–“Sure, especially for someone who has a Louis Vuitton bag”.

edinburgh 261 Veggie Bride

The gorgeous-looking veggie bride has a groom wearing the same veggie prints.
edinburgh 263 Veggie Bride

edinburgh 280 veggie bride and groom

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