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April 8, 2017

Our dinner @ a Michelin Star restaurant in Edinburgh called 21212 Paul Kitching started at 8 pm and ended at almost 11 pm. It was long. I wished we started at 6 pm.

At last the G7 are complete, we can start eating.
Clockwise from left: Roger, Elmer, Boy, Yen, OMB, Edmund, and Rolly.
Michelin 048    G 7

Michelin 050  dinner  in Edinburgh  April 8, 2017

Let’s talk about the food.

The head waiter said this dish is to make us even hungrier. He was half serious and half joking.

This is called Amuse Bouche. This is usually not included in the menu but is served gratis according to the chef’s preference.
Michelin 046 food, amuse bouche

Cheese and Froth amuse bouche
Michelin 047 cheese and froth

The cups and saucers were made by Villeroy & Boch from Germany. Am glad, otherwise I will give them a failing mark if their china is not from Europe.
Michelin 051, cup from Villeroy & Boch

See? The owner is fond of butterflies.
Michelin 052 butterfly plate

Shiraz red wine for them, Coke regular for me.
Michelin 055  Shiraz red wine

Cheers to good life, good food and good company.

Michelin 058  cheers

Cheesy Cornfed Chix with creamy courgette and chive compote. Don’t ask me to elaborate ha I just copied that from the menu. Basta chicken yan at malambot. It’s very good actually.

Michelin 060 chix

Nung araw, pag nakita ng mama ko na ang ulam namin ay may bula, ang ibig sabihin ay panis na yun. Pag bumubula, meron ng bacteria. Itatapon na nya agad kasi baka kami magtai. Ngayon iba na ang panahon. Ang mga chef sinasadya talaga na lagyan ng bula yung pagkain. Froth daw. Yung amuse bouche puro bula, tapos eto rin. Kung narito ang kaluluwa ng mama ko, kakalabitin ako nun para sabihin na huwag ko yang kainin at baka sikmurain ako.
Miss YYY with the frothy dish.
Michelin 062  YYY

This next dish is called Crab, Celeriac, Caviar, Scallop. When my daughter turned 4 months old, I started giving her Celerac. Eto kaya yung ingredients nito?
Michelin 063 crab scallop

Let’s open. Meron na namang bula. Kung puro bula ang kakainin namin, hahanginin ang aming tyan. Maya-maya lang puro utot ang aabutin namin.
Michelin 064 crab, celeriac

Favorite ko ito tulis at haba pero malambot naman. This is supposed to be the scallop but it looks like a carrot.
Michelin 065  scallop

Michelin 066 caviar

Oh no, meron na namang bula! Except for my daughter, the 6 of us are approaching the age of pala-utot. Ang mga matatanda kahit walang kinakain na bula, laging hinahangin ang tyan. Eh what more kung puro bula ang kakainin namin. Nay ko mamaya para kaming may musiko.
Michelin 068

to be continued.

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