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April 8, 2017

Upon Elmer’s request to Edmund, we reserved a private room for 7 at a one star Michelin Star restaurant in Edinburgh called 21212. Oyen was the one who found it and she made the reservation in such short notice.

We took Uber from Apex Hotel to 21212.

michelin 002 Uber

The restaurant is in a cluster of townhouses on top of a hill.
michelin star 005  21212  townhouses

michelin star restaurant 212121  Edmund

We were all curious about what made this restaurant special.
michelin star restaurant 008  Edinburgh, entrance

My extra pounds usually stay only in my tummy but now, it’s beginning to show on my face. Parang ininiksyonan ang mukha ko ng fillers.
michelin 010 OMB at 21212 restaurant April 8, 2017

My co-eater
michelin 012  restaurant 21212 April 8, 2017

There were many stickers on the door showing some of the restaurant’s citations.
Michelin 013 stickers on the door

One dining room on the second floor looks more like a house. I like the interior.
michelin 014  restaurant interior

A smaller room has a circular chair. The room has wallpaper with large winged people or angels.
Michelin 031 smaller room

The private room reserved for us has an oval table set for 7 persons.
michelin 018 our table

What makes this room wow are the two french windows overlooking the garden at the back of the building. It’s picturesque.
michelin 019 garden view

The uphill garden is so lovely. I am guessing that this building used to be a residence and this room used to be a bedroom. Imagine waking up every morning to this garden view? It’s pretty calming.
michelin 021 french window

If anyone sees me from the outside, baka matakot sa akin. Akalain may aswang.
michelin 027 looking out the window

michelin 022 backyard

michelin 023 garden view

There’s a fireplace in the room.
michelin 025 fireplace

The owner of this one Michelin star restaurant must be fond of butterflies. The winged creatures are all over the place.

Giant butterflies on the carpet.
Michelin 030 giant butterflies on the carpet

I would not think of having butterflies in my chandelier. It looks pretty though.
Michelin 026 butterfly chandelier

Pigs and butterflies go together
Michelin 033  pig

Maybe Michelin Star restaurants are also judged by how their toilets look and smell.

michelin 015 ladies' toilet

21212 certainly passed my criteria.
Michelin 034 21212 ladies toilet

The toilet also has a window that overlooks the same garden. One can sit here and read books.
Michelin 035  powder room

We can only wish to have this lovely view from our toilets.
Michelin 036 view from toilet

The head waiter told us that this is also a hotel. They have 4 bedrooms on the third floor.

Our dining reservation was at 7:30 pm. We arrived at the restaurant ahead of our friends. They probably took a nap.
Michelin 038  we were first

part 2 coming.

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3 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5AB
Phone: 0131 523 1030

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