dinner at Paul Kitching 2121211:25 PM Wednesday April 12, 2017 |

Continuation of our 3 hour dinner at Paul Kitching 21212, a one star Michelin restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland on April 8, 2017.

This was my main dish, Steak Beans & Chips (Smoked haddock fish and tomato sauce).
Michelin 071 21212 Steak beans and chips

Michelin 075 steak, beans and chips

Edmund’s main dish choice, Fish & Chops (creamed horseradish, olive, pimento, spinach and peanuts. Meron na namang bula!
Michelin 074 21212 main dish fish & chops

There was a long pause after the main course. The guys entertained themselves by watching the Masters Golf Tournament on the flat screen tv in the dining room. I thought that was weird, having a tv in the dining room. That would deviate the attention of the diners from the fine food that was supposed to be the reason why we came here for. Not to watch tv. But since the dessert came soooo late, watching tv proved to be a good idea.
Michelin 078 watching golf

After almost an hour, the cheese plate came.
Michelin 080  21212  cheese plate

I actually fell asleep on my chair while waiting for the dessert. Edmund just woke me up.
Michelin 082  21212 crackers and cheese

My drink, Coke
Michelin 083  coke for me

There was a long wait before the dessert was served. We had to follow-up twice. That must be another 20 minutes at least. I dozed off again. It was 10:30 pm.

This was what I chose for my dessert, Sprint Forward. A mixture of Rhubarb and ginger compote, sweetcorn and cashews, trifle.
OMB! Meron na namang bula!!!

Michelin 087 21212 restaurant, dessert

Oyen and Edmund’s dessert choice, Black cherry rice, almonds, cucumber and raspberry with mint syrup
OMB again! Meron na namang bula!!! Their chef must still be young because he loves frothy food. I belonged to a different generation. During my time, my mom threw away food that was frothy. We considered it as an indication that the food was already spoiled kaya meron ng bula.

Michelin 086 21212  dessert

Our food bill, how much?
Michelin 088 Paul Kitching 21212,  food bill

766 x 63 = 48,258 divided by 7 px = 6,894 / person + tip. (US$138 x 3 persons = US$414 for the three of us).
Michelin 089 paul kitching,  food bill

We all paid in cash kasi split into 7.
Paul Kitching,  cash payment

Michelin 091 Paul Kitching

This Rosette Award for Culinary Excellence is inspiring for chefs and restaurant owners.
Rosette Award for Culinary Excellence

My personal assessment (5 being the highest)
Decor/Ambiance– 4
Taste of Food—- 3
Friendliness of staff—– 4
Quality of food———– 3
Food creativity———– 2
Plating —————— 3
Speed of service ——— needs improvement

We finished at 11 pm and not at 9 pm as stated in the food bill.
Paul Kitching restaurant

We took a taxi from Paul Kitching 21212 to Apex Hotel except for Elmer and Rolly who chose to walk back to the hotel to burn those calories.
Taxi, Edinburgh, April 8, 2017

Oyen wanted to walk-off the calories before we sleep. I accompanied her walk one round but it was so cold and my feet hurt.

Edinburgh, white hart inn

She still wanted to walk but didn’t want to walk by herself so the two of us went up to our room 2005. I was very sleepy.
grassmarket, michelin 105

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