Green Olives10:58 PM Wednesday April 12, 2017 |

There were two bowls of green olives that were already on the dining table when we arrived at 21212

Michelin Star 024  green olives

Edmund said the olives were big and sweet. He noticed that my starter plate was empty.
E—–‘Ang laki ng olives, masarap, medyo manamis-namis”.
E—–“Tart ayaw mo? Masarap”.
Before I could even say “ayaw ko” he already put one olive on my plate.

Michelin 043 green olives

I don’t eat olives per se. I eat them only when they are sliced thinly and mixed in pasta sauces. I don’t pop a whole piece in my mouth.
Michelin 044  green olive on a stick

After several minutes, my husband noticed again that I was not eating the olive.
E—–“Tart, ayaw mo?”
A—–“I don’t like olives”.

To please him, I picked it up and pretended to eat this indecent looking olive. There is something terribly wrong with this olive. It looks obscene. And who stuck this tiny birdie in it?

Michelin 057  green olive

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