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Arpil 9, 2017

Yen and I had a healthy breakfast at Hula Juice Bar in Grassmarket around the corner from our hotel while Edmund joined us for coffee.

edin - Hula cafe,  menu

edin - st. Hula Cafe, avocado

edinburgh  - yen, Hula Juice Bar

Oyen ordered the avocado.
Edinburgh,  Hula Breakfast

Fresh avocado on wheat toast with a side order of smoked salmon
Avocado on toast with smoked salmon

E—–“Ano yan? Mukhang masarap?”
Acai bowl
edinburgh,  acai bowl

edinburgh - Acai bowl at Hula Juice Bar

He couldn’t eat anymore because he just had a buffet breakfast earlier at the hotel with Elmer, Boy, Roger, and Rolly.
edin - Hula Cafe,  breakfast

I had an apple juice and shared the avocado and salmon with Oyen.
Edinburgh, Hula juice bar

Hula Juice Bar is very popular in Edinburgh and is always full of customers. It’s hard to get a table.

edin - Hula Jucie Bar exterior

After our breakfast, Edmund walked back to the hotel. He and his friends would be picked up by driver Russel for an hour and a half leisurely drive to St. Andrews.
Oyen and I continued to explore the City of Edinburgh.

HULA Juice Bar
103-105 W Bow, Edinburgh EH1 2JP
Phone: 0131 220 1121

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