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My skin gets very itchy every time I am in a cold country. In about a week, I start itching first on my hands, then after a few more days, on my legs. I don’t apply lotion or cream daily and to do this when I travel is bothersome. With my daughter with me, she forces me to apply lotion.

We were walking along Royal Mile when we saw a door that says market. It was like a small tiange with about twenty stalls.

We discovered this company selling anti-ageing cream (anti-aging), lotions, soaps, etc.
We met this pretty young lady named Juls who was the one in charge of Symmetry’s stall. Looking at her flawless skin would encourage women to buy their products. She looks so pretty.

Edinburgh,  Symmetry,  Juls

Edinburgh ,  Symmetry soaps

Edinburgh, Symmetry hand cream and lotion

My daughter bought a bottle of Symmetry anti-ageing cream for 20 pounds sterling. The two of us use it as hand cream. It smells so good. Oyen thinks it smells like a lola cream kasi the scent is jasmine. We should have chosen the lavander scent instead.

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