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Scotland is one country that is naturally beautiful. The landscape is manicured by heaven. Anywhere I look, there’s always something worthy of a camera shot. Good that I longer need films otherwise a good portion of my pocket money would go to rolls of film.

April 9, 2017 Sunday

Today’s our last day to explore the city of Edinburgh and we are doing that by foot. Oyen has a Fitbit and everyday her goal is to rack =up at least 10,000 steps. Me, I don’t even walk past 1,000 steps a day so it would be my day’s challenge. How to step-up and level-up with my fitness conscious daughter.

Edinburgh ,  garden between buildings

Our plan is to walk along Royal Mile all the way down to Holywood Palace so I could buy some plates. I discovered that store selling the most beautiful plates worthy of a royal dinner and ever since that day, I have always thought of going back.

It would be at least a mile walk and here are some photos I randomly took along the way.

Edinburgh walking tour sign

She said there’s a photo bomber but there was no other person naman behind her. Yun pala she was referring to the Indian statue. For me, that’s art and part of the photo props. Cute nga di ba?
Edinburgh, Oyen and the Indian

dark and too far
Edinburgh, OMB, side of building

The Indian guy could be my lost relative. We look alike.
Edinburgh,  OMB and Indian statue

I’ve always thought of buying a plaid scarf from Scotland but I feel lazy to choose. These ones are not cashmere that’s why they’re cheap.
Edinburgh,  scottish plaid scarves

We saw an arrow that says “Food Market” but the stores were still closed. This one’s open but we didn’t feel like eating outdoors in the cold.
Edinburgh,  Food stalls

Old Tolbooth Wynd looks more like a tunnel than a street
Edinburgh, Old Tolbooth Wynd

edin - st. andrews 113

edin - st. andrews 121

Edinburgh, Oyen 1

edin - st. andrews 226

I bought this cotton summer blouse for 39 pounds. It’s made in India.

edin - st. andrews 231

This selfie was taken after we’ve walked for several hours. Hindi halatang pagod na pagod na.
edin - st. andrews 235


edin - st. andrews 241

edin - st. andrews 243

There are many bookstores and stationery shops all over the city. I hope their tradition of reading books, giving books, sending out greeting cards, wrapping gifts don’t disappear with the advent of internet. It’s more personal that way rather than just clicking like and typing HBD!
edin - st. andrews 236

We got back to the hotel at 5 pm after walking the whole day. Fitbit registered 12k or 15k steps. I was dead tired and passed out the minute I laid my head on the pillow. I couldn’t get up for dinner. I slept thru the night and woke up at 4 am the following morning.

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