Edmund and Golf Party07:50 AM Wednesday April 19, 2017 |

I am 10 days behind with my posts. No time, no energy, and the internet connection here at the hotel is extremely slow plus my laptop is overloaded with stuff.

While I remained in Edinburgh for an extra day, Edmund and golf party were already in St. Andrews for the much anticipated golf tournament. They met with the other participants at a welcome reception held at the McDonald’s Russack Hotel.

St. Andrews,  Edmund Yee & Party

Golf Week would run from April 10 – 14, five days of fun and competitive golfing in this mecca of golf. This would be Edmund’s second time while his friends’ first time. Edmund was the one who invited them all to join him and participate. Edmund did all the arrangements With the assistance and coordination of his daughter with the official tour organizer.

Here they are, looking excited to start showing their golf prowess. At least half of them are single handicappers.

St. Andrews,  welcome reception April 9, 2017

My husband bought this teddy bear for me as soon as they arrived in St. Andrews. I have a red one at home, which was given to me by Golf Links the first time Edmund participated. He knew I wanted to have a partner for that.
I named the red one Scotty, this blue one is Andrew. Elmer said he is going to give me a horse. I shall name him Andrew assuming it’s male. What if he gives me a female? I don’t know the female equivalent of Andrew. Andresa? Pangit naman. Maybe Andrewa. Nope, sounds like bruha.

St. Andrews,  Teddy Bear blue


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