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Fresh flowers are standard in all my parties at home. Whether it’s a merienda for one person, dinner for 4 or a party for 100, I always incorporate floral centerpieces in my table decor. I always have one or more flower arrangements. Sometimes I don’t even spend a peso. I pick from the garden or from our neighbor’s fence.

When Edmund turned 50, I paid the florist 10,500 for his custom pieces which were arranged right here at our house.

Weird din naman ako, at our 25th wedding anniversary, I didn’t spend a lot on flowers for the tables, sabi ko kay K by Cunanan, whatever was included free in the food package eh yun na lang. Nagkuripot! Pero when we had our 30th anniversary dinner on our roof deck, I splurged on the most beautiful and rare flowers. Wala naman kaming bisita, kami lang apat. Wala naman ibang nakakita. He he.

The dinner for 20 OMB readers won’t be an exception to my floral obsessions.
I bought several dozens of white and baby pink roses. I bought several dozens more of this white chrysanthemums.
OMB dinner 027 flowers

I have quite a number of crystal vases at home. I wash them with soap and water before use to keep the prism sparkling clean and shiny.

crystal vase,  wash with soap

Instead of asking a professional florist to do the arrangements, I just cut the stems depending on the height of the vases and I just stick the stems in and put water. Simple lang. Flowers are innately beautiful, they don’t need extra beautifying. Ma-o-over na. Kahit nga isang stem lang, stick it on a glass of water, pretty na rin.
flower arranement for OMB dinner

This went to the hallway.
flroral arrangements,  white roses

flowers for the hallway

Powder room
flowers for the powder room

They were still buds when I bought them the day before. The next morning ayan nakabuka na .
white roses for powder room

I have nine or ten pieces of this small crystal goblet and nine of that ceramic saucer.
baby pink roses

Nahingi ko lang itong kapirasong green foam from the flower vendor. The goblets are shallow, I need something to hold the stems.
green foam for flowers

I am going to turn this wine goblet into a flower vase.
goblet turned flower vase

One rose
wine goblet, one rose

wine goblet, two roses

I placed 4 roses in one goblet.
wine goblet,  floral arrangement

After doing the 3rd goblet, I realized hmmm this is hard work. I am tired, 6 more to go.
Rest muna, even with the aircon on, I could still feel the summer heat.

glass of iced water


  1. Awesome! I sooooo loooove roses around esp in our home too! Thank you for sharing those sweet roses of yours. I do the same cutting stems for my vases. Ur right no need to have it arranged and add some decor over it. Roses or any flower can stand alone to beautify your home. It’s innate beauty of flowers bring joy and happiness to a person and others. Cheers! God bless.

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