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I’ve been to Lanai in Pasong Tamo several times in the past year. The first time I went, I spent more than 15,000 on a pink embroidered dress, something like 9,500 I think, some placemats 2,500, and other home stuff.
Although the dress was expensive considering that it was locally handcrafted, it turned out to be a good buy because every time I wore it, I felt so comfortable parang duster but pretty enough to be worn on casual gatherings. Since I liked it a lot, I went back to Lanai twice to buy naman a different color pero they only had that pink color.

Last Tuesday, I was on my way to McKinley Hill thru Pasong Tamo when I suddenly remembered that I needed more place mats for the dinner this friday.
I went to Lanai and was surprised that they have restocked their embroidery section on the second floor. There were more than a dozen of the same dress that I bought last year and in different colors. See that pink dress? I have the exact same one. I have so far worn it 3x.
Lanai embroidered dresses

I got excited when I saw the embroidered white dresses. Perfect. I’ll buy one.

I was expecting that the price would increase but I never thought it would by a whooping 60%! The dress now sells for P 15,300
Medyo namahalan ko. I decided not to buy.

Lanai white dress

Lanai has one long dining table on the ground floor in their store. There were at least 4 waiters naka-istambay kasi walang tao. Siince I was starving (no lunch yet) I asked them if they served food. I went over their menu and when I saw the “spaghetti”… I plunked down on one of the chairs. It was actually kind of awkward because I was the only customer, my back was against the cashier counter of Lanai. Parang nakakailang kumain. Eh I ordered already so nakakahiya na to change my mind.
Lanai restaurant,  The Alley, Pasong Tamo Ave.
I actually liked the place and the ambiance. It’s classy and quiet.
Lanai restaurant dinign table and wall mirrors

The service was fast and the tuna spaghetti with capers and black olives didn’t disappoint my hungry stomach.
Lanai,  tuna spaghetti

I liked the fact that they didn’t use any premixed tomato sauce. I liked the clean taste of the ingredients. If not for the overcooked tuna cubes, I would give this dish a 9.
Lanai,  Tuna spaghetti with capers and olives

C-4 The Alley at Karrivin Plaza,
2316 Chino Roces Ave, Makati, 1223 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 802 5427

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