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I initially invited 12 only but Edmund said sobra daw konti so I added more names. Twenty people confirmed so I set up a long table for 24 px. 22 + Oyen and I.

I joined 4 rectangular tables together and they reached past our stairs landing. Pangit parang ang sikip na.

We decided to remove one table and Edmund compressed the chairs. 20 kasya pero masikip. I set the table for 16 and decided to use our family dining area for the rest of the guests. Medyo secluded lang.

Since the OMB readers I invited were 95.50 % female, I thought of using all pink dinner plates. Problema, I don’t have a complete set of pink for 22 or even for 16 people.

I only have 12 sets of this Royal Albert American Beauty bone china.
I am missing all the knives that match this spoon and fork.
OMB dinner table setting, pink plate

This porcelain plate has pink color but it looks so boring. I wonder why I bought this set.
OMB dinner 022 white and pink plate settting

Sad, I forgot to take a photo of the long table. I used the Royal Albert Country Rose bone china instead of the American Beauty. Although the Country Rose is more of dark red / burgundy and not pink, it has touches of pink and the colors are more vibrant and less boring.

Sayang I forgot to take a photo of my cute center pieces. Sobra ko pa namang pinagkahirapan gawin till past midnight.

For the 6 px, I used the Lenox plates with color combination of pink, blue, white and sage.
OMB dinner 057 pink set up

Three layers of white table cloth: First two layers I bought from the US, the top layer is from Budapest. The sage placemats are from the US (not made in China), the plates are by Lenox I bought in the US, the spoon and fork are made in Italy but bought in Monoprix in Marseilles, the brass napkin rings are made in India, bought from Zara Home in Budapest. The two plastic bicycles are free from a baptismal party. Siniguelas P150 a kilo from Farmers Market.
OMB dinner 056 table setting

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