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I came across an article about some telltale signs that your spouse is having an affair, written by Alex Y. Vergara and was published in the Lifestyle Section of the Manila Bulletin on April 23. I wanted to share it with you but since I was too busy that week and left again for abroad, I just kept the copy of the newspaper.

Here are some of the things I picked up from the article.

Having an affair,  article by Alex Vergara

References was made by Vergara to the book “Affairs Don’t Just Happen” written by Filipino psychologist Lissy Ann Abella Puno who is based in Singapore.

Having an affair,  Manila Bulletin

Puno said “that although men still outnumber women when it comes to having affairs, women are fast catching up because of greater exposure to the outside world and easier access to social media”.

telltale signs of an affair-  Alex Vergara

My two cents worth:
I think it’s better to call each other’s attention right away if your spouse is spending too much time on the phone and obviously flirting with another person or if you feel he/she maybe having an affair. Busy texting around midnight, wee hours of the morning, and who is he or she texting? Ask. Maybe your marriage can still be saved. Maybe a quick action can avert an impending crisis that would affect your whole family.

Puno—-“As much as possible, I encourage couples to work on their marriages. But if the marriage can’t be salvaged anymore, leading to one or both parties to suffer further, then end it well. End it with both your confidence and dignity intact”.


  1. Better to get tangible evidences first before calling out your spouses attention. We all know that whatever happens hindi aamin ang mga lalake :D

    1. Only CIA can get tangible evidences. By that time, it’s game over for your marriage. You are right, no one admits but by calling his/her attention doesn’t mean you are asking them to admit. You are simply telling them to stop whatever they’re doing. It’s prevention.

      1. Hi Miss Annie!
        Diba CIA works fast :) they should have the evidence by EOD haha! Yep, prevention from you finding out more. They will be more careful and calculated with their steps. Best to act dumb but in reality you’re doing nancy drew moves behind their backs :D

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