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My daughter handed me over a Gucci shopping bag. Birthday gift daw nya. I won’t be here on my birthday so she’s giving it na daw in advance.

My first reaction was that this could be a recycled paper bag.
Gucci shopping bag from my daughter
It’s a shoe box containing a pair of sandals. Not recycled box (LOL).
Gucci shoe box

I gave her a pair of shoes from Barcelona so this is like an exchange gift of shoes. We were in UK together and there’s no way that she could have gone to the Gucci store without me knowing it because we were always shopping together. After some analyzing, alam ko na where she bought this. There was some half hour that I left her in a store in Bicester Village so I could do my own thing. Palagay ko she found the chance. And while we were packing, tinago din nya. Eh I don’t normally look at their stuff naman. Plus we have separate luggage.
Bday gift from my daughter,  May 11, 2017

It’s so pretty. Love the color.
Gucci blue sandals with embellishments
It’s pretty and very elegant. Perfect for cocktail and formal events. The heels are just the perfect height.
Blue Gucci sandals from Oyen

Size is a little small and tight. I am a 37 and these are 36 1/2. She tried on the 37 daw and they were loose so she got half size smaller. I don’t know if the leather would still stretch.
Gucci sandals, gift from Oyen

gift card from my daughter May 11 2017

Thank you anak.

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