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May 12, 2017

The planned Oh My Buhay birthday dinner supposed for last year finally happened last Friday, May 12, 2017. With one male (Atty. Alvin Romero) and 16 females in attendance, and 5 cancellations, the dinner pushed thru with 17 guests.

guest list May 12, 2017

guest book  May 12, 2017

Meet my guests:
The first to arrive was Lei Layug (in violet dress). She arrived at exactly 6 pm naka curlers pa ako.
These were the early birds. Not birds. The early… hmmm, pancakes?
Merce Cayanan, Lei, Anne Marie Santelices.

OMB dinner  1  May 12, 2017

My daughter helped me welcome the guests because I went up to the bedroom to get ready. She was wearing a very nice dress which she said came from me. It took me a while to figure out where I bought it. It’s obviously not Asian nor from the US (made in China). After about half hour or more, I was able to trace back where I got it. Yap, it was from a small boutique in a big shopping mall in Budapest. The store sells one of a kind dresses from Paris. It was the store owner herself who was there when I bought that dress. She’s French and she told me the clothes are fabrique en France.
daughter's dress from France

I was expecting that the ladies would be noisy but on the contrary they were a bit stiff, shy and quiet. That could be expected because they were with strangers and I was the only common ground.

Lei, Architect Eunice Go, Sonja Simon, Merce Cayanan, Anne Santelices, Chie Pagulayan. (I hope I didn’t interchange the names.)
Merce came from Mabalacat, Pampanga.
OMB dinner guests,  Lei, Eunic, Sonja, Merce, Annie, Chie

We could have done some ice breaker games but there was no space in the sala and I was actually too tired to prepare for something.

Danica Partosa, Izza Lambino – Hallare, Rachel Flameno.

Izza and Rachel are business partners. They operate a fashion shop in Valle Verde where they specialize in custom made formal wear such as wedding gowns, brides maids gowns, debutante gowns, etc.
OMB dinner, Danica Partoza,  Izza Lambino, Rachel

All the ladies and gentleman felt honored and privileged to be in the guest list. Atty. Mildred Romero asked me how I picked the guests. I started with last year’s list. I replaced some because half of the invitees last year were based abroad. I picked from the comments section.

Mildred, Joyce Laxamana, Nenuca, and Atty. Alvin Romero.
Atty. Mildred Romero,  Joyce Laxamana,  Schelina, Alvin

You see, the only way I would know that you read OMB is if I get your comment on my posts. 99% of OMB readers are silent. There’s no way for me to know that they do exist if they don’t speak up. One of the guests said that her sister is also an avid reader and yet she wasn’t picked eh kasi she’s a silent reader.

to be continued..


  1. The day after, we talked about Oyen. She’s such a gracious person and very helpful to her mother. You’ve got a gem there An. Oh well, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. You raised your children well.

  2. Thank you for dinner! Being invited over was a welcomed surprise. I was so happy that I forgot I was not feeling well days before the actual dinner. You and the rest of your family are a wonderful host. The food were all delicious. I feel so lucky to be a part of that group. Thanks again Ms. OMB!

    1. Oh, I forgot to sign in my name that’s why its from anonymous. My apologies, Ms. An. — Chie P.

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