OMB dinner guests02:15 PM Sunday May 14, 2017 |

May 12, 2017 Friday, Quezon City
Our dinner started with a disclaimer. I didn’t cook the food, I just ordered them so I don’t guarantee that they taste good. Hindi ko pa yan natikman. Bahala sila.

OMB bday dinner,  May 12, 2017

I asked Anne Santelices to lead the short prayer before meal.

OMB dinner 074 saying grace

I told my guests to eat at their own risk. Pag naman hindi pa sila nawalan ng ganang kumain pag ganito ang host. I am a bad host.
OMB dinner 064 food

See, they didn’t want to start eating.
OMB dinner 070 tuna salad nicoise

They lost their appetites. Oh uwi na lang daw sila.
OMB dinner 075  May 12, 2017

These are my new friends… Joyce, Schel, Alvin, Danica, Sonia, Chie, Izza, Rachel.
OMB dinner 071

My daughter helped me entertain them. This is Tet Chua, she drove from Olongapo.
OMB dinner 077 Yen and Tet Chua

I locked the door so they couldn’t leave. O ayan, they were forced to get food. Tet, Danica, Lei, Schel, OMB, Merce, Anne, Chie, Eunice.
I hope I got their names right.
OMB dinner 079  May 12, 2017

Women are cautious eaters baka kasi tumaba. Next time I will make delicious soup, lalagyan ko ng dinikdik na Dulcolax para hindi sila tumaba. Pagsubo, lusot agad sa wetpu.

OMB dinner 080  May 12, 2017

Lei and Dinna. Dinna is one of Manila’s favorite condominium interior designers. She didn’t want to help me renovate my bathroom and Oyen’s bathroom. I also asked her to help me finish my bahay kubo, ayaw din, kaya ko na daw yun. Bakit kaya ayaw nya? Mukha ba akong masungit na kliyente?

OMB dinner 081  Lei and Dinna

Danica is the youngest among the group. She’s of the same age as my son.
OMB dinner 092 Danica and Tet

Anne Santelices and Merce Cayanan. Anne has an angel in heaven, her daughter Tara. She is one mother who is a model of strength and forgiveness.

Merce lives in Mabalacat, Pampanga. Ang layo pero she didn’t mind the long drive to join us for dinner.
OMB dinner 082 Anne Santelices and Merce Cayanan

Only 16 could fit at the long table, Joyce and Nenuca ended up eating in the kitchen, buti na lang my dear husband sat with them. Naririnig ko boses
nya, kinukwentuhan nya si Joyce.
OMB dinner 098 Joyce and Nenuca

OMB dinner 089 May 12, 2017

to be continued.

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