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The ladies ate so little. It was either the food was not good, they were shy, they were busog, or they were diet or picky eaters.

By the way, I was not sure if the tiramisu came from Schel and the cupcakes from Izza. (Let me know if wrong).
O ayan, marami rin natira na cupcakes.
OMB dinner 099 Tiramisu,  cupcakes

The only male also ate so little.
Uyyy, they met at the Supreme Court lobby. Nagkatinginan lang sila, ayun na, ayos na agad ang buto-buto.
OMB dinner 113 Alvin and Mildred

Ting, Lei, Schel, Dinna. Dinna and Anne were the lasts to leave kaya we were able to pack some take home food for them.
OMB dinner 114 guests

Eunice, Chie, Tet, Anne, Merce
OMB dinner 115 Eunice, Chie, Tet, Anne, Merce

A husband was waiting outside. I didn’t know till the party was almost done. If I had known, we could have asked him to come join us although puro girls nga ito. Her husband is also a regular reader.

Itong laides, they ate so little.

OMB dinner 119 Salmon left over

Hayan, now who’s going to eat this delicious cupcakes and yema cakes?
OMB dinner 120 cup cakes and yema cake
OMB dinner 125 OMB  Yen cupcakes
OMB dinner 126 cupcakes

Until now, we are still eating seafood jambalaya and salpicao.

OMB dinner 084 seafood jambalaya

Thank you ladies and gentleman for being diet eaters. We need not go to the market for the next 15 days.
OMB dinner 103 guests group photo


  1. I forgot to thank you for that sumptuous dinner and a wonderful night. I enjoyed everything. The food and the company and meeting everyone..haha I ate a lot of jambalaya kc that’s my favorite..thank you for the take home …am not picky just trying to follow doctor’s orders ..have fatty liver and was told to diet..

    1. Hi Amor, It was a pleasure meeting you too. Sincere apologies, I didn’t know you were waiting outside. You could have joined us. Regards.

  2. Kinikilig pa rin ako kila Atty! They are so sweet to each other. It’s inspiring to see couples like them and you and Mr. Yee. :)

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