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I was looking for the address of a certain restaurant and Google led me to a list of sites, I didn’t notice were blog sites.

I read the first two or three sentences and I was shocked at how the writer or blogger described the place. She was full of superfluous words and was extremely generous in her descriptions of the food.
Too exaggerated, grabe, para bang mag-o-orgasm na sya pag describe kung gaano kasarap. Nay. I’ve been to that small restaurant before eh bakit hindi naman ako nasarapan ng sobra sa food? Hindi nga ako nag-orgasm.

I exited and moved to another site. It’s a female lifestyle blogger. She was describing a beauty pack from a store. Obviously a sponsored post but wow, it was so lights camera action. Kinilabutan ako. I clicked X right away.

I don’t read blogs. Ganun pala feeling. It’s either matutuwa ka or maiinis ka. Oh God, I am sure some people also get kunsumi while reading Oh My Buhay.


  1. Hi Ms Annie. Giving you a list of bloggers that are real, fun, and I think are just as powerful. 1. Chuvaness.com – she is the daughter of Mr. Zamora the Billionnaire, she also owns Pepper Lunch, Assumptionista, a mother of 3 who also adopted a very cute angel, she is a rosary addict and helps the nuns as well as the very sick through her blogging, a bathroom critic and coined ‘chuva approved’ for bathrooms, her favorite brand is comme de garcons and yoji yamamoto but does not wear jewelry nor a watch, Lamer is her night cream. Her household staff of about a dozen stay long-term, her favorite expression is just like PDuts or putang ina when angry, i guess pucha when just surprised, a powerful dormant volcano; 2. tinatagle.com She’s is a wife and a mother who runs a palacial home in Forbes Park. Manila polo club is her hangout, Bridgestone tire distributor owner’s wife. Her first job is first being the best cool mother to outstanding 2 foreign educated young men and a daughter, a funny Cebuana lady, married to an old-money although separated-by-domicile-only, loves to do oodt with her luxury stuff and her own line of jewelry willowjewelry, requires a driver- photographer, she maintains long-term household staff her favorite expression is ‘shit’ when angry, the lady is well-grounded, wise, level-headed, yet bad when angry, she battles jealous people around her charmed life; 3 becausecandysaysso.blogspot.com. Daughter of the late Julie B Dizon the famous jeweler artist, has pretty eyes and smile though she loves food and eating, she is a jewelry designer who is cousin to chuvaness.com, raised a beautiful daughter, has no luck in the love life department, travels a lot, has fabulous successful friends, very social, lovelife is her biggest problem; 4. Rajolaurel.com/blogs the fashion designer who travels like it’s his first job; and you Ms Annie, the powerful.

    1. Thank you Joey for the list of some great blogs. I personally know the dad of Cecile Zamora. He’s a good friend. If I am not mistaken I think we live in the same village as the parents of Dizon. You certainly know these successful people very well with the way you described them.
      I am not sure if I fit in the mold but it’s certainly a compliment to be regarded in the same vein as these highly successful bloggers. I don’t consider myself powerful. Mocha Uson is. Salamat.

      1. The 5 of you are the only bloggers in the Philippines. The rest do not make the cut. Well there was bryanboy.com but he lost his freedom and sold his soul to the devil. You all have what it takes to just do what you do not realizing how much life and great work you put up with your journals. You don’t know me so, I will not thank you but the least I can do is tell the truth.

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