Gifts from Joyce11:49 PM Tuesday May 16, 2017 |

Joyce brought three gallons of delicious ube, cheese and avocado ice cream from Milky Way at the OMB dinner last Friday. Today, she dropped off at Ford EDSA two more gifts for me. The guard on duty said she came at 6 o’clock in the morning.

gifts from Joyce

I thought the ice creams were her gifts. Those were enough, and well appreciated. She didn’t have to spend again for extra gifts.

She went shopping in Rustan’s.
Gifts from Joyce,  May 16, 2017

joyce gift

She’s so sweet. One time she brought several trays of leche flan in Makati Ford.
gift card from Joyce

I opened the smaller box and it contained a battery operated candle with moving flame. I know the prices of this things at Rustan’s. They’re not cheap.
Gift from Joyce,  battery operated candle

Gift from Joyce,  candle with moving flame

The big box contained this beautiful Mother and Child figurine.
Mother and Child,  Gift from Joyce

There was a gift receipt stuck at the back of the Virgin Mary. I am not going to exchange Joyce’s gift. It’s very nice. It’s perfect. I like that it’s big, it’s blue and white, it has gold accents. I love Mother and Child in general. I have several Mother and Child paintings and figurines.
Gift receipt,  from Joyce

Mother and Child from Joyce

I embraced it tightly. It felt good. We have an instant connection.

Thank you so much Joyce. I am touched beyond words by your thoughtfulness.

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