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This is the gift from spouses Alvin and Mildred.

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It’s a book, titled Heirs & Their Shares written by Atty. Maria Victoria Rotor-Hilado. Atty. Vicky is a product of St. Scholastica’s College and De la Salle University graduating cum laude. . She obtained her Bachelor of Laws from Ateneo, graduating #3 in her class and placing 5th in the Bar exams. She worked with ACCRALAW and lectures on estate planning at Asian Development Bank and etc.
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It makes a lot of sense that these two lawyers would think of giving me this very useful reference guide on inheritances.

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There are individuals who are barred by law from receiving any inheritance:
Heirs & Shares,  Appendix

Querida and querido are outright disqualified from receiving any inheritance.
persons disqualified to receive inheritance

Thank you Alvin & Mildred for this book. You knew exactly what to give me. My daughter and I have started flipping thru the pages. It would be difficult to remember all of the voluminous provisions. The subject matter of wills and succession is tricky and could be very complicated. We see children and families break apart due to fights over who gets what and who should get nothing. My handwritten will says my plates go to my daughter and the spoons and fork go to Nyke, and my utangs go to my sweetheart. In case there would be some clarifications, kindly assist them.
Maraming salamat po.


  1. Hi Ann,
    Really glad you like our gift. Vicky was a classmate in Ateneo. We are specially mentioned in her dedication as her “x x 105 classmates from Ateneo de Manila Law Class of 1985.” I got several from the first batch ANVIL published.
    Have fun flipping through…
    :-) Mildred

  2. H Mildred,
    The book is a welcome addition to my small library. I’ve read a few pages, those that are only applicable to our situation. Ay and dami. Hard to remember. Thank you once again. It’s a great and useful gift.


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