How I chose my dinner guests11:55 AM Wednesday May 17, 2017 |

I’ve been asked how I chose the OMB readers who came to last Friday’s birthday dinner.

I started with the list last year. Remember I was supposed to host a dinner but I canceled it because I was beset with problems?

The names were picked from those who frequently commented. My staff raffled the names and we picked about 20. Half of them were based abroad so the number whittled down to about 10.

For last friday’s dinner, I picked those names from last year, and then I went over some of the comments and picked a few more. Of course I added a few that were already familiar to me like Alvin, Mildred, Joyce, Dinna, and Anne.

The reality is, I cannot randomly pick from among a few thousands of people who read OMB each day. I have to use also my mental telepathy to determine if there’s a match between me and the reader /guest. Ayoko namang biglang me topak pala ito, pagdating dito sa bahay eh dito pa sumpungin. O baka pagdating ng dilim, mahati ang katawan at lumipad-lipad dito sa may kisame namin. Ma-spoil pa birthday ko. Ma-demanda pa ako kung yung kalapit mong kumakain eh sa halip na alimango ang kagatin eh ikaw ang biglang sagpangin sa leeg.

Dapat merong konting commonality. I know my guests would be strangers to each other with me as the only common denominator. But gatherings like this are opportunities to meet new friends. Hopefully, they are the right friends, more or less with same activities and background. And the most important thing is that they are good people.

Lastly, there are regular readers na feeling tampururot kasi how come they were not picked eh they regularly read OMB daw. Eh ganito po iyon. How would I know that you exist if you don’t click like and send your comments? That’s the only way for me to get to know you. You have to introduce yourself to me, otherwise, I have no way of knowing who you are. So, if you want to have a chance of getting invited to my next OMB dinner at our house, say something! Next dinner would have 14 premium guests only. Male and Female.


  1. Hi annie. It’s me yolly de castro-cabuco best friend, kumare, church mate of mare vivian toribio salvador. I was the one referred to you by mare vi when we purchased Everest Titanium from your Ford Cainta Branch. I am slowly browsing and reading your blogs. They are awesome! Sincere and straight from the heart. Thank you for the privilege to read them. Cheers! God bless. Belated birthday greetings to you and may God shower you good health, wisdom, protection and happiness in life. More fruitful years to come by God’s grace.

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