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In our 25 years of experience as car dealer, choosing a nice vehicle color could be a major decision to buyers. Some are very meticulous and particular about getting the “right” color. Some naman don’t care about the exterior color, they focus on the features of the vehicle. A good number just want to buy a new car, never mind about how it looks, what it has, what color it is. Basta bago, go!

Ford vehicle different color choices

As a dealer, of course our job is made a lot easier when the buyers are not too choosy and picky. There are families who own several cars and so they are no longer particular about the colors of their next purchases. They only request for a different plate ending.

For hot items, meaning these are the vehicle models that are very popular at the moment, example, there are 38 people waiting in line and only 5 vehicle units are coming. Then buyers have no liberty to choose the color they prefer. In situations like this, you cannot choose. Take whatever color is available and at full price.

Many buyers don’t understand that dealers will be making a big sacrifice if they will give you a discount for hot units. Example: If buyers A, B, C, D are willing to pay full price for an Expedition, why would a dealer sell the one and only stock of Expedition to buyer X who is haggling to get a free this and that and a cash discount? It doesn’t make sense that the dealer would make that losing deal. Of course, in this case, dealer would just sell the priced Expedition to buyer A or B or C or D.

In choosing the right color…. there is no so-called right color. Color is ART, and art is subjective. What may be a nice color to my eyes, could be an ugly color from my husband’s view.

It would nice if all the members of the family or at least the one making the final decision, come into an agreement. But remember, all colors are nice. It just depends on your taste and mood for that day.

Decide on the color that you want, but always have an open mind, have a second and third choice. After you’ve agreed on the color that’s available, just stick to it. Dealers can no longer replace your vehicle once it’s been registered, ticketed, and/ or released to you.

You cannot use it for a spin around town then wake up the next morning feeling “ay, I don’t like this color”. The dealer cannot replace it anymore.

Some buyers change their minds. They create all sorts of scenarios to force the dealer to change their vehicle even after they’ve used it. Konting bagay, don’t create a monster out of the dealer. By picturing the dealer as bad is ridiculous and unfair. Dealers want to have a long and friendly relationship with their customers based on trust and respect. By saying no to a customer who wanted to have his/her vehicle replaced (due to a undisclosed reason of a change of color preference) doesn’t mean the dealer is a bad dealer. They will lose a lot of money if they do that. The customer is the one in bad faith. Bad ethics ang tawag dyan.

The color of your vehicles doesn’t reflect on the kind of person that you are. But when you pick a fight with the dealer and exaggerate things and tell lies to try to get your way, then this tell a lot about your bad character, no matter how wealthy or politically entrenched your are in government.

Just enjoy your vehicle. And most importantly “CHOOSETOBEGOOD.

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