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Our residence in Quezon City is full of old stuff. We have 30 year old furniture, 20 year old cupboard, over 100 year old French bed, 90 year old painting, not to mention I have 50 – 150 year old tableware and linens.

I like classic decors that don’t look new and even if they look old, there’s no necessity to change them for a very long time because the older they get, the better they look. The scratches add to the depth. Maybe this is the reason why I am drawn to antique pieces with stories to tell.

I am also drawn to vintage china (plates, cups and saucers). I buy brand-new too but with designs from the past era.

Made in England vintage cups and saucers

vintage cups and saucers

Some houses in the neighborhood are full of the most beautiful and expensive brand new furnishings and decor. It spells money. It means that the owner of the house has the ability to buy all those exquisite home decors and they have expensive tastes. However, those grand decorations don’t tell anything about the world. There is no history. There is no story other than how much the owner paid for them and where they came from. Our house is not like that. It doesn’t project wealth.

The French-inspired design relate to me. It was influenced by my early travels to Paris which started 26 years ago.

Our decors are mostly old things, some are cheap and some are pricey. It shows more the owner’s curiosity and awe.
When I look at my decor, I see my own little piece of history.

I see me.

Our house tells a story


  1. Wow! How amazing! Im really fond of collecting any item which has rose designs bought or as a gift fr friends. Im fascinated annie. Thanks for the joy it has shared to us. God bless.

  2. Hi Annie , i shared this to my mars Yolly …Mrs Yolanda Cabuco , u have in common kc sa taste ….so classy ^_^

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