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Several times a year, we regularly clear out our closets. We fill up used balikbayan boxes with clothes that are still wearable, some brand-new and never worn. We send these boxes for donation to Caritas and to other charitable institutions. We also send to poor communities.

I’ve started filling up some boxes again the other day.
It’s becoming harder to choose which clothes to give away because the ones I have left are all “I want to keep but masikip”. At least two dozens are brand-new waiting for me to be sexy again. They (the clothes) will forever be waiting for something that will never happen. To begin with I have never been sexy.

I would like to encourage all of you Oh My Buhay readers to generously send me your old clothes (yung malinis at mabango). Don’t send kung madumi at baka ako pa ang maglaba.

Open your closets and get those stuff you don’t wear and will no longer wear. Huwag na ding umasa na papayat pa kayo. Ibigay na lang yung mga size Small and Medium. Keep the large and XXL.
Huwag manghinayang kahit mahal yung damit kasi aamagin lang yon sa aparador nyo.

I will be away for a while. That gives you ample time to do the sorting and decision-making “eto kaya o ito, love ko ‘to, baka papayat pa’ko”. Huwag na, basta close your eyes and dump the dress in the supot or box.

Maybe due to the humidity, whites turn yellow. Ipamigay na lang.
Old Anne Klein t-shirt

I’ve never worn this denim pants with embellishments.
never worn denim pants with embellisments

(I’ve never worn this silky dress I bought in HK two years ago).
never been worn dress

Our less fortunate kababayan will have better use for our clutter.
Let’s help the poor by donating old clothes. You may also send old towels, blankets, pillow cases, toys, and books.

I intend to bring whatever I can gather to the very poor living in Baseco Compound in Tondo in July.

For those who want to unload their cabinets of clutter, please pack the clothes neatly, seal the box or supot and label,

To: Oh My Buhay – Charity
From: _________( put your name)

Drop off points:
1. Ford EDSA, 29 EDSA Greenhills, San Juan— look for Paolo Obra, Showroom Manager
2. Makati Ford, 2245 Pasong Tamo Ave., Makati City —- look for Mel Abarrientos Customer Service Manager
3. Ford Cainta, Aeon Bldg, Ortigas Ave Extn, Cainta Rizal — look for Tina Tulay, Sales Supervisor

Remember to take a photo of the package and email to so I can track it down and acknowledge it.

Advance salamat.


  1. As my daughter told me, if I haven’t worn it for a year, i should give it away. May pagka-hoarder daw ako whether it be clothes or household stuff. I often tell them that hindi naman kasi ako madalas bumili ng gamit so nanghihinayang akong magtapon. However, lately i realized that it’s time to let go of some things and de-clutter since these things may be of use and will be appreciated by others rather than them just accumulating dust in the cabinets. I already gave away some and the others I will probably give to Caritas.

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