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During the time of Imelda Marcos, a regular population census was being conducted.
There were updated statistics with regards to the ratio of men vs women. When I looked at the available data last year which was obsolete because it was at least 5 years old, women were beginning to outnumber men by a few percentage points.

In laymen’s impression, women outnumber the male gender.
From a chauvinistic point of view “ang dami-daming babae dyan”.
The macho men feel proud because they feel so sought after. Nagkaka-ubusan na daw ng lalaki, dahil mas marami ang female ngayon.

This could be true. Nagkakaubusan na nga ang mga tunay na lalaki kasi nare-recruit sila sa kabilang bakod. With due respect to the gay people, have you noticed that there are so many of them nowadays? They are beginning to outnumber the straight guys. Their recruitment department is so efficient. I am becoming suspicious of men, if they are really straight. Straight men are outnumbered by women and gay.

Let’s go to the women. Men should not be too confident that there’s an oversupply of women. I don’t think so. Remember what I’ve just said. The recruitment department of the gay people are so influential. At the hospital today, some nurses greeted each other “haler”. Di ba bakla na sila?
I’ve heard many women call each other “hoy bakla”.
Even some married women who have gay friends call themselves bakla.

See, kumokonti na rin ang mga tunay na babae, nagiging bakla na rin. Kasi siguro mas masaya. Pretty soon, the gay population would outnumber both male and female genders.

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