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I am baffled by people who are looking for a job but in reality their actions or inaction shout they don’t actually want to work, real work. Ayaw mahirapan.

Many people send me messages on facebook asking me to give them jobs. Jobs are not given. You seek for them. You apply. I cannot just give you a job just because we are friends on FB. There should be a match between what our company needs and what you can do, after all you expect to get a fair salary. Of all the people who asked to be given jobs, only two sent their resumes, biodata or curriculum vitae, whatever you want to call it.

Driver 1—- Mam kahit anong oras darating ako kung kailangan. Isang oras lang nadyan na ako sa inyo.
A——— Sige, alas onse dito ka na.
Driver 1—–Mam, nasa Pangasinan ako ngayon. Pwede sa Lunes na lang.

A———-Papasok ka ba ngayon?
Driver 1 no reply

Driver 1—–Mam bukas papasok ho ako.

Friday——Mam hindi na ako papasok kasi merong ddalawang diamond na ipinapabenta ang pinsan ko galing sa minahan.

Mam, pwede akong pumasok , parating na ako sa gate.
A—–Teka, hindi na kita kailangan, wag ka ng pumasok.

Driver 2
Mam, salamat sa pagkakataon na ibinigay nyo sa akin na makapagtrabaho sa inyo. Kailan ho ako magre-report?
A—– Sa Lunes.
Driver 2——“Pwede sa martes na lang, kasi may nasagutan akong mga tao”.
A—-=- Okay, martes.
Driver 2—–Maraming salamat mam sa tiwala nyo sa akin.
He didn’t show up, magda drive na lang daw ng Uber.

Driver 3
Taos puso ho akong nagpapasalamat sa trabaho mam, may sakit ang misis ko at kailangan ko ng trabaho.
A——Sige sa Lunes ka magsimula ng test drive.
Driver 3——Mam, sa tuesday na lang kasi magliliniis pa ako ng bahay.
A——Sige, sa martes

A——Na’san ka na?
Driver 3——Mam, nasa LRT na ako malayo pala ang lalakarin papuntang bahay nyo, bumalik na lang ako sa bahay namin.

Two drivers were interviewed and were asked to report for actual driving tests. Meaning, they would drive the whole day but would be paid a regular daily wage. A driver’s flaws will not come out within one day. Usually, after a week, they lose their mabait look and shed off their magalang na pagkukunwari.
In two weeks, things change including their driving styles. The more they get comfortable, the negative traits become more evident.

People now are less patient and more demanding. In the past, the so-called padre de familia will walk several kilometers just to be able to find work to feed his family. Today, drivers don’t want to walk far to reach their jobs.

They have so many demands. They skip work anytime they want and not even text or call. They just disappear then appear at their own terms. They don’t even think that they have a job to do and they have to be serious about their work. Parang sila nag nagdidikta kung kailan nila gustong magtrabaho.

Two of our security left too. They were pirated by the security agency firm they met while working with us. I knew already that they were leaving because they were always absent and would not even give due notice. Napakadaling mag-text para sabihin “mam hindi ho ako makakapasok ngayon, bukas at magpakailanman”.

The sales manager of a car dealership (different brand) had been applying to us. The first time we agreed to hire him, he didn’t show up because there was a non-competing clause in his employment contract according to him and a a one year employment ban within the same industry. The second time around, hindi rin natuloy. The third time, he didn’t show up on his first day of work. He said he was still turning over his pending work to his successor. Then nothing was heard from him ever. Ni hoy ni hay. Our staff messaged him several times to find out what happened to him or if he would still pursue his employment. We don’t really mind if he doesn’t work with us, but we do mind the ETHICS. What’s so difficult about shooting a one sentence email or text to say he decided to stay in his current job. Courtesy lang.

I am worried about the next generation. What kind of work ethics would they encounter or would they have?


  1. Maybe time will come we will have to import people who are willing to work. Maski gaano kaliit sahod.

    Walang citizen dito sa bansa na pinag tratrabahuan ko ngayon magwowork as contruction worker or maid ever. So companies or people have no choice but to import contruction workers and domestic helpers.

    Sa opisina na lang ng asawa ko pag me na hire na local tapos malalaman work is labor kind of job (technician) asahan the next day mag si sick leave na yun tapos d na babalik.

    Nagagalit ang mga citizens sa foreign workers kasi daw inaagaw jobs na para sa kanila. Pero sila mismo ayaw nila ng work na shifting or labor kind of job.

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